Planning – Please explain your prices…


Please explain your prices… When you first glance at our prices, without knowing exactly what you get for your money, our prices are going to seem high compared to other venues.

You see, when you get married at The Wellbeing Farm, you get exactly that; the whole of The Wellbeing Farm. The venue is yours exclusively for the whole duration of your wedding. We really believe strongly that if we are to deliver your wedding to the highest standard that you deserve, our attention needs to be on you as a couple and only you, along with your wonderful guests. We don’t want to think about the possibility of you catching sight of another bride in the corridor, or being restricted over your chosen ceremony time due to another ceremony taking place beforehand. We want to focus on delivering the best possible wedding day to you and feel we can only truly do that if we offer exclusive use for your big day.

Exclusive use also means you can use the land surrounding the farm. So if you wanted to hire in a bouncy castle or an inflatable assault course, you can! If you want a bucking rodeo sheep, you can! If you want to arrive up our driveway on a tractor, you can! We really have seen it all and we embrace new ideas and quirky plans that our couples present us with.

Aside from the exclusivity of the whole venue, you also get access to our Prop Shed which we like to call our ‘Aladdin’s cave of wonders’. Other brides have told us that what starts out as minimal spending on little bits and pieces soon multiplied as you find yourself having to think about decorating a large number of tables and thinking of things that you can overlook at the initial stage of booking. That’s where our props will save you a small fortune, literally.

You can watch a video all about our Prop Shed here.

Next onto the games –

Finally onto the food – our food prices reflect a quality product. We have our own award-winning butchers ‘Whiteheads’, we rear our own farm, we grow our own edible flowers and herbs and we have our own Cookery School. We source all our food from local suppliers and have a guarantee on the quality of food served at your wedding. We have our own Microbrewery ‘Edgworth Brew Co,’ on site where we can even personalise a beer label for you.

Oops, we forgot to mention, when you book your wedding with us, we give you access to a secret wedding website which you can use to plan your dream wedding in detail.

10 Sep 2018