Planning to propose on Valentine’s Day?

Like a lot of festivals and holidays these past 12 months, lockdown has changed Valentine’s Day somewhat in terms of how people can celebrate it; and also if you were planning to propose. 

But if you are planning to pop the question, here are some tips on how you can make it special, even in the middle of lockdown. 

If you were planning to propose to your partner in front of a lot of people, then you may be limited in options. Getting down on one knee in the middle of the supermarket may not be the most romantic, BUT why not do it over Zoom with family and friends instead?

If you live with your partner or they are in your support bubble AND you want to make it personal between the two of you, then there are a lot more options:

  • They say the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach, so serve your partner breakfast in bed, cook their favourite meal, or order in their favourite takeaway before proposing
  • We all miss going to a pub or a bar, so why not order in a DIY cocktail, or a gin tasting kit
  • Get down on one knee outside on your daily walk, a great idea if you live near a green space
  • Put on your partner’s favourite film and hide the ring inside a giant bowl of popcorn – but make sure you do it in a way so that they won’t accidentally swallow it…!!!!

If you don’t live with them but want to make the proposal personal have a meal or watch a film over Zoom, whether that be cooking it yourselves, or you both ordering a takeaway to come at the same time as each other – then find a moment to pause and simply ask.

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9 Feb 2021