Raising a toast to hospitality staff!

It’s mental health awareness week and this week we want to raise a toast to our staff and other hospitality workers in the industry. There are few industries in which you work tirelessly to support others, always with a smile on your face and customer service at the forefront.
Days are long, sometimes you are exhausted but you keep smiling.
There are high expectations to meet, events have been meticulously planned and there’s a lot riding on you to deliver the goods and service required. But you keep smiling.
From the chefs in the kitchen – hot, stressful, non-stop delivery, multi-tasking all the time, watching the various dishes times to perfection – there’s a lot at stake if you take your eye off the ball… You’ve supplies to order, you struggle with food shortages, unexpected allergies and dietary requirements, a guest who forgot to tell you they were vegan with a nut allergy. But you keep smiling.
Front line staff have to deal with drunk customers, someone throwing-up in the toilets, walking 20,000 steps a shift, dealing with customers who want ketchup instead of the finest gravy the chef has made. But you keep smiling.
The pressure of working in a bar: queues of people all wanting drinks, the beer runs out and you have to leave to change a barrel, dirty glasses need washing and polishing, someone wants a spirit on the top shelf and you can’t find the steps,  a child has just knocked over his apple juice, a customer wants help with locating a missing umbrella. But you keep smiling.
The staff in the office, facing endless phone calls and email enquiries, stopping to deal with a late delivery, answering the call from the walkie talkie wondering where the credit card machine is, dealing with an unexpected customer who wandered upstairs by mistake. But you keep smiling.
Hospitality is challenging
Hospitality is taxing on your mental health
Hospitality is hard but….. hospitality is fun, no day is the same, and our team is great.
Which is why we support the Burnt Chef Project https://www.theburntchefproject.com/ which seeks to promote wellbeing in hospitality and why this week, of all weeks, we will use mental health awareness week to celebrate our amazing team at our first Team Wellbeing awards ceremony.
They deserve recognition, they deserve praise, they deserve an appreciation of everything they go through.
Always with a smile on their faces…

12 May 2022