Reasons to Choose The Wellbeing Farm

You should choose The Wellbeing Farm because… We are easy to get to from across the North West!

Yes, we’re a countryside venue, but don’t think we’re in the middle of nowhere. We’re equal distance from Bolton, Bury, and Blackburn. And so, only a stone’s throw away from all the neighbouring areas. 

But that’s not all – we’re only a 10-minute drive away from the M65, accessible from Preston, Lancaster, Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport and Warrington!

So, wherever you are in the North West, you can be sure you won’t have too long a drive to get here. 

You should choose The Wellbeing Farm because… We treat your Wedding Breakfast like a Banquet!

Sick of the standard chicken wrapped in Parma ham etc., etc., that you would normally find at weddings? Well you don’t need to worry about that at The Wellbeing Farm, as we’ve blown that into the stratosphere. We treat your Wedding as a proper celebration; our most popular package is the Rustic Fun, featuring big platters of meat and large bowls of your favourite sides. 

We do all of our catering on site and we source from local businesses, including our partner business, Whitehead’s Butchers, who have been in business for over 130 years! What other Wedding Venue has their own butchers under their belt? 

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You should choose The Wellbeing Farm because… Cuppas are on the house! 

It’s the end of the night and you’re tired; how about a nice cuppa tea? 

Well, go and help yourself, as The Wellbeing Farm has its own Lancashire Brew Station! You and your guests can help themselves to unlimited hot drinks, including tea, coffee and hot chocolate. 

PS: If you like your hot chocolate boozy, perhaps think about our Pimp Your Hot Chocolate Station, which includes a bottle each of Baileys and Disaronno on our Ammo Box, along with cream and marshmallows, of course. Perfect for those colder nights! 

You should choose The Wellbeing Farm because… We provide your guests with games!

What’s a Fun wedding without a game or two? Luckily, we have plenty to choose from The Wellbeing Farm, both indoor and outdoor!

For outdoor, take it back to your old school sports day with sack races, tug of war, bean bag toss, space hoppers and more. Plus, to top it all off, we have a family favourite – crazy golf! The outdoor games will also stay on the lawn throughout most of the wedding to keep kids entertained; you’ll never see them on the iPad here.

As the sun goes down and the evening gets underway, the indoor games come out! Beer pong, Play Your Cards Right, giant Twister – and don’t forget our ever-popular limbo, perfect for late night entertainment!

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You should choose The Wellbeing Farm because… We’re Award Winners!

We’ve recently won North West Countryside Wedding Venue of the Year at the Wedding Industry Awards – that’s got to mean something! 

We always try our best to make sure our weddings are as Fun, Quirky, and Magical as possible, and it is always so satisfying to see a perfect wedding day gone to plan. 

PS: wish us luck for the National Finals in London in January!

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You should choose the Wellbeing Farm because… We have the best views around! 

We may be high up, and yes, it can get a little bit blustery; but, whatever the season, we find it’s worth it to hear guests say “Oh wow! What a view!”. From The Wellbeing Farm, you can easily see the Hilton Hotel in Manchester, and beyond. On a clear day, if you’re lucky, you can see as far as Fiddler’s Ferry, and sometimes even North Wales! 

From the height of summer when we serve your welcome drinks outside in the sunshine, to the middle of winter, particularly when our fountain freezes over – it truly looks like Queen Elsa herself is been to the Farm! 

Our views are a great opportunity for many a photograph from your guests, let alone it being your photographer’s dream! Not many wedding venues have this up their sleeve, so why not come up and see this for yourself! 

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You should choose the Wellbeing Farm because… We have 3 bars in total!

Particularly useful if you have a large number of guests, we house 3 different bars on the farm. 

Firstly, our Wheatsheaf Bar starts off your day before your ceremony and during your drinks reception. Next, your drinks reception will also be when our Bar O’Llama Horse Trailer bar will open, featuring speciality gins and whiskies, as well as gin and prosecco fizzes exclusively available at this bar. 

Finally, is our main bar, the Wedding Bar in the Wedding Barn itself. This bar is much bigger than the other two and features a wider range of beers (including our own cask ale), wines, and spirits, and includes our very own gin bar, featuring more than 40 different gins! 

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You should choose the Wellbeing Farm because… Who else has animals as their stars!

When we originally opened, we held Llama Treks, as it was scientifically proven a walk with a llama could improve someone’s wellbeing; and while we may have moved on a bit since then, the llamas have all stayed with us, along with our donkeys and alpacas – and let’s not forget about Maxy the dog, who is always happy to meet our guests. 

Let me tell you, there are always such massive smiles on people’s faces when our animals come out, as it is so unexpected! It’s not everyday that you see a bow-tie-wearing llama or a flat-cap-wearing donkey at all, let alone during a wedding. So, why not take the opportunity to take a selfie with them? Some of the funniest pictures we receive are those with the llamas – and believe me, we have had some corkers!

Our animals are at the beating heart of The Wellbeing Farm – there’s no chance the business would be the same without them.

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You should choose the Wellbeing Farm because… You can party ALL NIGHT LONG! 

With 3 bars open, we like to have a celebratory wedding that goes on well into the night; so, our music license goes all the way up until 1am! Most venues don’t have their license end this late, so if you’re a Bride who likes to dance the night away, we’re the one for you. 

Just as the Wedding Barn is a blank slate in terms of how it can be decorated, it’s also a chameleon in that we’ve had all kinds of music play here, from the standard pop and cheese to a hoedown barn dance, rock vs indie to Club Ibiza classics. From the many different bands and DJs we’ve had; we can in particular recommend DJ Andy K, who is just as flexible as we are, he plays the music that YOU want to hear!

You should choose the Wellbeing Farm because… We have our own gorgeous Bridal Suite! 

Just to clarify, we unfortunately don’t have accommodation for all of your guests; but for you and your partner, we have our gorgeous Bridal Suite. 

Only 2 minutes down the road from the Farm, it is a perfect and relaxing stay just after your big day, and with a Full English Breakfast to start off your life as husband and wife. Complete with its own grounds and tennis courts, it’s also a fantastic playground for your photographers, too. 

Though our Bridal Suite unfortunately may only be for you and your partner, fret not – we have a whole list of other accommodation for your guests, ranging from hotels to B+Bs. 

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12 Dec 2018

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