Save Water, Drink Wine

The 17th of May is Pinot Grigio Day and 25th May is Wine Day – whoever had the brilliant idea to give the opportunity to celebrate wine twice in one month is a genius in our books – and with that in mind, we decided to give grapes a chance and tell you all about some of the wines that we have in stock, and that can be brought out on your wedding day – most of these as well will be offered for your table wines!

We only have 2 big rules concerning our wines:

  • It of course has to taste AMAZING
  • And it also (ideally) has to have an animal on the label – we are a farm after all!

Starting off with Pinot Grigio, of course, as it is Pinot Grigio day, we have the Calusari Pinot Grigio from Romania; not a common choice, we admit, but Romania is a very up and coming country in terms of wine making. This one has crisp apple and pear notes that give way to grapefruit and pineapple. Plus, it has an interesting animal on the bottle – a dragon, perfect for releasing your inner Khaleesi on your wedding day!

A classic alternative white to Pinot would be Sauvignon Blanc, and we offer that with the Jack Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. It’s not the only Jack Rabbit we can provide if you’re familiar with the brand, as we also stock their Merlot, which is very rich and full bodied.

Going from Merlot, there are two other house reds we can provide for you: Running Duck Shiraz hails from South Africa and comes with a bit of spice in the back of your throat. Meanwhile, The Brand Malbec from Chile gives hints of plum, blackberries and vanilla to a wine that is perfect if you’re going with our Festival Fodder menu option (as it’s great with BBQ’d meat).

If you’ve got a slightly sweeter tooth, and like your wine a bit pinker, look no further than the Stallions Leap Zinfandel Rose, hailing from California.

And finally, to toast your big day, we pop bottles of Terre di Guiglio Prosecco, or have our Frizzante 1754 on draught free-flowing; if that hasn’t sunk in yet, YES PROSECCO ON DRAUGHT DOES EXIST!

Of course, we want to say that some of our Brides may like to either choose different wines from our supplier catalog or pay corkage to bring in ones they know well – and we do not have ANYTHING against that. At the end of the day, it is your day and particularly for the table wine, it is important to have one that you know you’ll like.

And now with that said, I’m off to pour myself a much-needed nice big glass and put my feet up!

15 May 2019