Environmental Policy

The following policy statement applies to our staff, suppliers and couples and guests who enter our venue, as well as the services that we provide.

As a unique wedding and events venue, The Wellbeing Farm recognizes that our activities impact the environment in a number of ways, particularly from:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • The goods we buy-in for our events
  • Machinery and hardware, we use on our Farm
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Fuel for heating and Farm transport
  • Cleaning products
  • Office equipment

In recognizing this, we are committed to protecting the environment by:

  • Meeting the regulations of the Environmental Health Office, DEFRA and Lancashire Green Tourism, and ultimately go beyond their standards
  • Reduce energy consumption through our own wind turbine
  • Reduce water usage through rainwater butts, that water our greenhouse
  • Growing our own herbs and edible flowers on site
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much as possible
  • Banning the use of plastic stirrers and straws on our bars as far back as 2017
  • Remove all single plastic use by 2025
  • Supporting local and sustainable suppliers
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning products that do not contain bleach
  • Promote awareness of sustainability with our guests, suppliers and staff
  • Participating in the Chamber Low Carbon Green Rose Programme to work towards the credentials set by the Government’s Green Industrial Revolution paper and the implementation of our Environmental Management System (EMS). We are currently actively working on our British Standard ISO4001 for formally accredit the work we are doing on sustainability
  • Purchasing sustainable Office suppliers, which can be reused or recycled

This policy and the actions arising from it are regularly reviewed as part of the business planning process.