Passionate about Sustainability

Our Pledge to be a Beacon of Sustainability

In 2020, we declared a climate emergency and in doing so, we committed ourselves to discover new and innovative sustainable methods of running. We aim to apply this to our events, our office procedures, our menu, and our daily habits. This is a company-wide and personal pledge to do all we can to help the environment and inspire our guests to do the same.


What do we mean?

Sustainability has many connotations so we want to clarify what we mean exactly when we say we pledge to be a sustainable company.

We aim to alleviate pressure on the environment by tackling three main areas of waste. These are plastic, food, and events. To do this, we will theorise circular economy methods of running, work with local environmental researchers, and establish the Farm as a venue that holds sustainability at its heart, all while bringing our guests closer to nature in the process.


Our Pledge to Tackle Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is one of the most detrimental issues our planet is currently facing. In fact, according to Sky Ocean Rescue, a typical wedding can make 18kg of plastic waste!

So, we want to cut out single-use plastic entirely by 2025.

Plastic-free weddings have been in the headlines weddings, as Princess Eugenie reported that she wanted her wedding to be as plastic-free as possible. Now 2/5 couples consider sustainability when planning their wedding according to Bridebook. We have already taken steps to put this in motion.

In 2019, we partnered with Stephensons, a company that provides wooden stirrers and cardboard straws. In doing so, we signed a pledge to make Manchester a plastic-free city. Additionally, we don’t serve bottled water on site. Instead, we have an urn on our Bar and use refillable glass water bottles around the venue. We also are working to eliminate plastic from the cleaning process by buying tablet refills rather than a whole new bottle every time we need a top-up. We are dedicated to continuing to reduce our use of single-use plastics and we have every confidence that by 2025 we will have achieved our goal.


Our Pledge to Tackle Food Waste

Food waste is one of the biggest problems posed to the hospitality business. Throwing away leftover food is a waste of energy, produce, and nutrients and we, therefore, implement circular economy methods to prevent our leftovers from going to waste. To do this, we compost our discarded veggies and give untouched remains to local charities. In addition to this, we also source all our food locally wherever possible so we ensure that the carbon footprint of our products is low.

No food is wasted at the Wellbeing Farm, it is simply given a new purpose.


Our Pledge to Make Our Events Green

We promise that the environmental impact of our events has been carefully considered and minimised so you can dance the night away guilt-free! Through inventive innovations such as the prop-shed, we ensure that decorations leftover from one wedding can be personalised and reinvigorated for a new purpose. One person’s trash is another’s treasure as the old saying goes! We also have a wind turbine that produces the majority of electricity for this and neighbouring farms, we ensure that the menu has a low carbon footprint and will be disposed of responsibly and turned into something new.

Our events have a heavy focus on the interdependent relationship between us and nature and we guarantee you’ll leave us feeling closer to your green roots than ever before! We have a long tradition of farming from our partner business, Whitehead’s Butchers. We rear our own lamb on-site, which we use for all our Events and have since travelled zero food miles – therefore the meat is as sustainable (and tasty) as it can get.

Crucially, we want to not only make a change but also inspire others to do the same. That is why we have a blog space where we post updates on the changes we are making and tell our readers how they can easily apply this practice to their own lives.