Our Role in the Community

Since our opening in 2013, we have played a huge role in the community of Edgworth village in the heart of the North West.

Firstly, we have our partner-business, Whitehead’s Butchers, which have played an integral role in our village for over 130 years! All of the meat that we use for our Weddings and Events comes from Whitehead’s.

Secondly is that our Team is mostly made up of local people, the closest living only 5 minutes away from The Wellbeing Farm! A lot of our waitressing and Bar staff study at the local high school, with whom we help to develop exciting career opportunities and programmes. We also have developed opportunities for students from Lancaster University and the University of Central Lancashire. Along with Wellbeing Lancashire, The Wellbeing Farm Ltd is also a Cornerstone Employer supporting young people to give them access to career opportunities.

Thirdly, we support our local community by not holding general Accommodation on our site. Yes, we have our Farmhouse Bridal Suite, but that only holds up to six people. For all other guests, we feel a responsibility to support our local area, as we are surrounded by Bed & Breakfasts and hotels. In fact, there are a whopping 126 rooms within a 5-mile radius of The Wellbeing Farm.

You can read more about that here: https://thewellbeingfarm.co.uk/worried-about-where-to-stay-did-you-know-we-are-surrounded-by-over-126-bedrooms-in-a-5-mile-radius-of-the-wellbeing-farm/


Finally, we have been bringing a smile on people’s faces when we take our Llamas out for a stroll. The sight of someone grabbing their phone and saying “OMG a Llama!” never gets old!