Why are we Doing this?

We have always been aware of our climate changing: the planet is getting warmer; biodiversity is being lost; plastic is polluting our land, sea and even our air…

In fact, 120,000 sq kilometres of tropical forest were lost in 2018 alone: there’s more Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere than there ever has been in human history: 8 million pieces of plastic pollution end up in our oceans around the world every single day.

We’ve seen from television shows such as Planet Earth, Blue Planet and War on Plastic, the effect that this has on our environment.

Things cannot stay the same as they have been. Things HAVE to change. And they have to change NOW if we are in any chance of reversing this calamity.

And so now more than ever before, sustainability is moving up the business agenda.

    When we opened in 2013, our main aim is to improve wellbeing by reducing stress. And doing that sustainably has always been a part of that.  We have always been conscious of our environmental impact, and because of that, we won the Green Business award from Lancashire Tourism just six months after opening.

    We have also pledged to have our Carbon Dioxide emissions down to Net Zero by 2025 through our Circular Economy process which we discuss in our Climate Disclosure.

    But as we know, there is more that can be done.

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