The Benefits of Eating Seasonably

Flowers are blossoming, birds are singing, the breeze of the wind is beginning to feel warmer, and the sun dawdles a little longer in the sky – summer is on its way! But this doesn’t just bring afternoon picnics and reading in the sun, summer brings a very tasty selection of seasonable food!

There are many benefits to eating seasonably. Here are some of them.

Reducing our carbon footprint:

The constant stock of our supermarkets has given us the impression that food can easily be sourced at any time but this is not the case. By supporting the convenience-driven society of today, we rarely think about the seasonality of food. We therefore drastically underestimate the impact of the distance that our food has travelled from origin to shelf. By eating seasonably, we can ensure that the food doesn’t have to travel so far to get to us, as seasonable food is sourced through a more geographically sustainable way.

Reduced Preservative Consumption:

Although supermarkets house the same food all year round, this does not mean that the quality is the same throughout the year. Eating sustainably means that there is no need for preservatives to keep the food fresh because it already is!

Richer Flavour:

Seasonable eating means a richer flavour. Food that is picked when it’s ripe and meant to grow means we can enjoy the fresh taste of nature.

More Nutrition:

When food is picked out of season before it is ripe, the nutrients in the fruit or vegetable doesn’t have time to fully develop and therefore we are not getting the full benefits from out of season foods.

Balanced Diet:

If you eat seasonably your diet can be easily balanced as you are guaranteed to eat more of a variety of produce.

Support your local community:

Buying seasonal produce from your local farmer’s markets is not only a great way to help benefit your local area but also to support small and growing businesses.

It’s Exciting:

Eating seasonably can open up your creative side. You will find yourself being introduced to new recipe ideas.

In June, the seasonable fruit and vegetables are as follows:

Fruit: Strawberries (coming into season), raspberries (coming into season), gooseberries, tomatoes, cherries, blackcurrants, elderflowers, apricots, and kiwi fruit.

Vegetables: Asparagus, aubergines, beetroot, broad beans, rocket, chicory, chillies, runner beans, samphire, spring onions, pak choi, and peppers.

 (source: Country & Town House: https://www.countryandtownhouse.co.uk/food-and-drink/eat-the-seasons/)

Seasonable eating may seem like a trend but this habit predates our modern supermarkets. Eating seasonably, allows us to get the most of our food. It is better for you, the farmers, and the world as a whole. 

Written by Leah Bennett

6 Jun 2020