The Importance of Sustainability in Corporations

Sustainability is a huge trend in all walks of life, as awareness of our actions on the Earth’s environment grows – and so it’s important in companies to show that they are taking it seriously. For example, after the Blue Planet 2 programme aired, many restaurants were quick to supply paper straws instead of plastic ones.

A company for you to do business with that takes its environmental and social impact seriously is important both in the short term and long term – as we are in the beginning of a “decade of action” regarding putting pressure on our environment, resources, social structure and more.

Businesses are a huge sector of of our economy: for example, the management consultancy industry ALONE is worth £7 billion to the UK economy! So it’s no denying corporations hold a huge responsibility in helping us protect our environment and communities. There’s so much that businesses can do.

But this is about WHY sustainability in corporations is important. Yes it’s important for our planet and our communities, but it’s also important for the business itself too. 

  • Sustainability is never been more popular or important for trade; and it is starting to show. When you gain a credibility for being sustainable, interest increases. Firms which have a proven green ethos have been gaining a lot more enquiries and customers
  • But as well as customers, it builds interest for potential staff too; thus encouraging more people to apply when hiring, and for current staff to stay on
  • Firms with a sustainable ethos are shown to be more trustworthy
  • It helps form more links within your local community
  • It builds brand awareness and helps you stand out from your competition
  • Finding a way to be sustainable in the long run will increase production for a lesser cost than you were paying before
  • Regulations on green practises will become a lot tighter over time, so getting in the game early will bring less stress further down the line when new laws come in
  • The more sustainable your business becomes, the more funds and investments you will be eligible for. You may even become eligible for awards too, which will bring in even more business

See what we mean, there are plenty of benefits to becoming sustainable. HOW you do it is up to you.

We know that not every business will be able to do anything and everything (pretty hard to own a wind-turbine in the middle of a city centre for example), but we need to all play our part and do what we can to make a difference.

To find out more about why sustainability in corporations is important, please click here: https://youtu.be/EbZcQe9J-EE 

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14 Aug 2020