The Wellbeing Farm, Our Green Story

Set in the picturesque hillside of Edgworth, The Wellbeing Farm has become known for its sustainable running and ecological ethos.

Founder Celia Gaze had a dream of creating a venue centred around Wellbeing. Through her tireless hard work and optimistic drive to succeed, it blossomed into reality. The Wellbeing Farm was created, and we have quite the story.

By applying environmental initiative to her creative designs, Celia has transformed what was once a dilapidated barn into a beautiful wedding and events venue. The ceilings were formed by old army parachutes, the lampshades are crafted from wooden crates, the bar stools are recycled milk churns; and that’s just the start.

Since it opened, the venue has captured the hearts of many couples in Lancashire and beyond.

In 2013, after only six months of being open, the Wellbeing Farm was granted the Green Tourism Business Award. The bestowing member of the award, Eleanor Pratt, stated:

“The Wellbeing Farm has done exceptionally well to achieve the prestigious Gold Green Tourism award at the first attempt. Celia and the team’s commitment to sustainable business practices is evident throughout […] the entire business is geared towards improving the health and wellbeing of its visitors”.

Since then, The Wellbeing Farm has continued to operate with sustainability at its heart.

From the type of llama feed to the confetti thrown at weddings, the environmental impact of each product and event is always considered.

One of our most inventive initiatives is the ‘Prop Shed’; previously used wedding and events decorations are repurposed and reinvented into an entirely unique and new vision for every wedding. Couples can use decorations from the Prop Shed for their weddings, in the good conscience that they are creating no waste in the process. The farm is also working towards a zero single-use plastic policy.

In 2019, we banned the use of plastic straws and stirrers, opting for paper straws and wooden stirrers. To obtain these special Manchester bee straws, we signed a pledge to help make Manchester a plastic-free city. There are also no plastic water bottles used on any of our Bars; instead, our water urn station ensures that fresh water is available throughout the day.

The Wellbeing Farm also implements such self-sufficient methods as composting, rainwater harvesting and the use of our own wind turbine; coupled with the gusty hills of Edgworth it ensures that our power is renewably sourced.

We are always working towards becoming more sustainable. In doing so, we are exploring the use of homemade cleaning products and implementing green operations in the office; and that’s just two of the ways we’re becoming even greener.

The sustainable equilibrium of our planet is facing huge challenges. But at The Wellbeing Farm, we are working to create a solution, and to make our green story even greener.

Our venue is a beautiful place to hold your wedding/party or other event; and the venue offers the chance to get close to nature whilst also contributing to its protection.

Written by Leah Bennett

9 May 2020