Wedding Trends 2021 #1 – Go BIG for 2021!

For couples looking to 2021 (and also for 2022), we are sensing an urge to go BIG and party HARD! They’re looking for ways to “Dynamax” their Wedding.

The obvious way to do that is relax the guest list; a lot. So couples for 2021 and beyond are doing everything to add as many as possible to the list. We haven’t been able to meet our friends and even people in our family as much as we wanted to, so why not invite everyone! There’s a lot to catch up on after all.

And with that, why not “Dynamax” your Bride Tribe and Groom Squads – we’re seeing a growing trend for 6 or even more on both sides!

Be the star and turn your wedding in to your own Broadway show!

Go big with the decorations: hang bunting, lanterns or a chandelier from the ceiling: go big with your table centrepieces, especially for the top table (our hanging lantern plinths are perfect for that): have coloured up-lights around the side of the room.

Why not also make a statement with your flowers, especially with your bouquet. We’re seeing a growing trend for big rustic looking bouquets, with bright flowers such as sunflowers. Don’t forget to keep it running through your buttonholes too.

For your night do, if you can’t decide between a band and a DJ, then choose both and turn into one big fat party!!!

No party is complete without a lot of food, and we do not like to leave people hungry.

Going big with your menu in some way is a huge bonus. Forget the tiny-looking meal that secretly makes you crave a McDonalds 20 minutes later…. Treat them to a relaxed but full-on feast that leaves your guests with food-babies!

With more guests to cater for, why not add more extras. It’s the little things that people remember after all. Add extra canapes: have a popcorn or candy floss station in the evening. For your wedding cake, swap sponge for cheese!

Go big with the booze – have both wine AND a beer/cider bucket on the table! Include a gin or prosecco bar! Or go classy and upgrade to champagne!

No-one’s going to forget any of those. 

And the good news is that we can help with ALL of that!

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4 Dec 2020