Wedding Trends 2021 #2 – Burn the Rule Book!

In every culture, there are a lot of traditions: something old, something new, something blue etc etc etc. In fact there’s certainly enough rules to write a book about them.

But here’s where we say – maybe this rule book needs to be edited. Hear us out on this.

A wedding is something that only happens once in a person’s lifetime (we hope!). And if there is anything that the Covid-19 pandemic of the last year has taught us that our loved ones are the most important people in our lives, and so to be blunt, who gives a fig about a few traditions that are only there to appease the status quo.

And so, couples for 2021 and 2022 are looking for ways to throw the rule book out of the window and do their wedding THEIR way.

Here are a few examples we have seen popping up in our research:

  • Speeches normally go: Father of the Bride, Groom, and Best Man. But why shouldn’t the Bride also do a speech. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be long. It’s something that’s been growing for a while now. In fact according to the Bridebook 2020 Report, 21% of Brides gave a speech in 2019 during their wedding!
  • Make the wedding more of an experience rather than the standard. There has been a higher increase in adding extra touches that make individual couple’s stand out: a cocktail or gin bar during their drinks reception: or perhaps extra snacks, a photo-booth or casino table during the evening. We can help with a lot of this, either providing it ourselves, or by suggesting a supplier out of our recommended list.
  • In the past year, we have seen a considerable rise in the number of gents getting an engagement ring. Granted we have had a leap-year this year (which is the only time a girl can propose to the guy), but even with that, we can clearly see a greater interest. An engagement is a promise to see two people after all – so why not have both people have something to mark their promise.
  • Wanted a dress just like Cinderella’s ball gown for your wedding? Why not! And we’re not talking about the style, but the colour! Ditch the white and try light blue, pale pink, lavender. Or if you want to keep the white but don’t want the traditional shaping, go for it – a cocktail dress, something flowery and boho. Or take a leaf out of the Duchess of Sussex’s book and change for the evening do!
  • Have a best guy-or-girl-friend you want to include in your Bride Tribe or Groom Squad? Go for it! The whole idea of these parties is to have your closest friends by your side on their wedding day – who cares what gender they are! And these days it doesn’t matter how many people you in each either. The only casualty is the photograph that “doesn’t match”…..
  • Who says you have to do a typical first dance? Having a Ceilidh is an easy way to get around that and everyone up on the floor, or you can have a spin on it – look at Lara and Jake, who had a kickboxing match as their first dance!

17 Dec 2020