Wedding Trends 2021 #3 – Be Green!

Throughout the years, we as a race have become much more aware of our impact on the environment. And so, more and more couples are looking for ways to make their wedding as green as possible.

With that in mind, our Blogger Charlotte and Sustainability Star Leah have teamed up for this special trend. Here is what they’ve found on how couples are making their wedding green. 
  1. Want to try something different for your bouquet? We have seen a greater trend for bouquets and buttonholes being made out of recycled paper instead of the usual flowers. If you’re a couple that have bonded over a particular series of books or comics, this could be for you
  2. Ditch the designer and instead go vintage for your wedding dress. We have been seeing an increase in Brides getting their dress from either a charity, vintage or other 2nd hand shop. It’s not just greener, but also will be A LOT cheaper too – BONUS!
  3. One of the stereotyped couple traditions is to carve their initials into a tree. But rather than carve, why not PLANT a tree instead! We’re seeing more and more couples deciding to do this as part of their ceremony, especially if they’re having one outdoors. We cannot think of a more perfect memento for starting a new chapter in your life!
  4. We all know that more people ditching meat, becoming either vegan or vegetarian. In fact, it is estimated that 2% of the UK’s population is vegan. People are now expecting when they go to restaurants a greater and more exciting choice in the vegetarian and vegan menus. And weddings are proving to be no exception. In fact, we have seen in the past couple of years a greater interest in fully vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free weddings.
  5. We all can agree we love a confetti shot but the majority of confetti is made up of plastic – not good for the planet. At The Wellbeing Farm, we only allow confetti that is bio-degradable to begin with. But we have seen an interest in 2021 couples going further than that and using either flower petals or bird seed for their confetti. Much more planet-friendly

Want more tips for a green wedding? Why not look at our Green Wedding Package here: https://thewellbeingfarm.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Green-Wedding-Leaflet-3.pdf

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23 Dec 2020