Wedding Trends 2021 #4 – Colour me 2021!

If you’re having a wedding in 2021, it looks like the next year is set to have quite a few colour combinations to be aware of. But fear not, we’re going to try and break it down as much as we can.


Peach and Ochre

This is set to be the biggest colour palette for 2021, especially during the spring and summer. Ochre is also one of the Pantone colours of the Year for 2021 (the other one we will get to in a minute). The colour peach is said to symbolise positivity, and ochre comes from yellow which symbolises happiness, enthusiasm and opportunity – just what we need after 2020! However do bear in mind, both are quite strong colours and can be harsh to people’s eyes when used too much, so make sure you team them with something else to balance them out.



It may sound boring, but grey is set to be the perfect base colour for 2021, and mixes with almost every other colour on this list. In fact, it is the other Pantone colour for 2021! Plus, it symbolises sophistication, maturity, reliability and practicality. Get creative and go wild



Faithful wedding colours year in and year out, pastels, particularly pale pink and lavender are set to stay for 2021. Mix them up with some bolder colours to get your wedding style


Earthy and Rusty colours

Burnt browns, oranges, terracotta and straw/grassy colours are another set to stick this year. And a perfect contrast to add to pastels – expect these shades to pop up all year round too, not just autumn.



One of our favourites, green is a great colour to match with a lot of other shades that are popular this year. And as green symbolises harmony, reliability and balance, it’s no wonder it goes with any season too! In particular, look for sage green to take 2021 and beyond by storm.


Metallic tones

Whether that be gold, silver, bronze or copper, metallic tones have been around for a few years and are not going to go away any time soon.



If you cannot decide which colour to go for, why not go have a classic neutral tone with a splash of bright colour thrown on, or just go every colour of the rainbow – this will work amazingly for summer festival weddings


Darker colours like deep blue, purple, burgundy or teal

These will work especially well with autumnal weddings to add a pop of colour to grey days


27 Dec 2020