Wedding Trends 2021 #7 – Back to the 70s!

Wedding Trends 2021 #7 – Back to the 70s!

21 Jan 2021 | Weddings

One feeling that 2020 has made us is… apart from annoyed, frustrated etc. (we’re not going to go into that!), is nostalgic. So it’s little wonder that for 2021, we are seeing a huge surge of couples taking inspiration from the past, particularly one of the most varied – the 1970s! Especially for the décor, and for their music!

“Imagine” décor that takes you back!

A lot of décor from that era is making a comeback: including crochet, wooden beading and textured linens, all of which fit in perfectly with a rustic wedding.

But perhaps the biggest trend of all from that time period coming back is Macramé. What’s that you ask?

Macramé is likely something you have seen before but never known the name of it. It’s a type of textile made by knotting techniques, traditionally made by sailors.

You can find out more about macramé knots, including how to make your very own here: Macramé: How to start and the 7 knots you need to know (prima.co.uk)

We have in fact been using it in our re-design of the Wheatsheaf Bar!

You may also know that the back corridor in our Wedding Barn is decked in a willow wicker centrepiece, covered in our fairy lights! AND finally, we have added in a swinging wicker chair in our Wheatsheaf Bar!We have in fact been using it in our re-design of the Wheatsheaf Bar!

One more piece of décor coming back is wicker – folks back in the 1970s LOVED this! And we have lots of wicker props you can choose from in our Prop Store; including a LOT of baskets, and of course our wicker arch!

“Play Your Funky Music” during your Evening Reception

Moving from décor to some tunes now, if you would like to go full throttle with a 70s theme. Why not liaise with your DJ to bring the 70s to dancefloor too. If anyone remembers anything from that era, it is the music: The BeeGees, ELO, Fleetwood Mac just to name a few! There were SO many fantastic genres, artists and styles from that decade!

Your playlist will rival Peter Quill’s (aka The Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord) before you know it. You can even have different mixtapes for the Ceremony, Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception and still keep it all in the 1970s – the choice of music is THAT varied!

With a selection of TUNES like that, no excuse not to bring out your inner John Travolta and strut your stuff!

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