Wedding Trends 2022 #2 – Colour me 2022 – Big + Bold

Wedding Trends 2022 #2 – Colour me 2022 – Big + Bold

16 Sep 2021 | Weddings

Welcome back to our series on the trends set to hit Spring and Summer weddings in 2022 – and part two of the colour trends to expect throughout the year. We have already delved into the big one, orchid flower. But if that’s not your thing, then here are a few more options of big and bold colours that are set to take the year by storm: 

Olive Oil

While 2021 was the year of sage, 2022 is the year of the olive. While the olive shade has been a newer trend in the past year or so, green is a great colour to have at weddings for any season. Its association to nature and balancing tones means it can go with pretty much anything. Olive green in particular strikes a balance between a splash of bold colour and more muted tones. Speaking of muted tones, we’re hearing through the grapevine (well, olive branch), that some brides are ditching the white dress for other tones – olive oil green being one of them! 

Photographer: Martyn Hand

Butter Yellow

Carrying on from its popularity in 2021, yellow is set to remain a popular choice for couples, particularly butter yellow. Just like green, we’re surprised by how balanced this shade of yellow is, going with both pastels and even bolder shades. Yellow as a whole symbolises optimism more than anything else, something we definitely need after all that has happened in the past year and a half.  

Photographer: Natalie Hyland

Mango Sorbet

Whether we can travel to the tropics or not still remains questionable. So it is perhaps little to no wonder why this bright orange shade is on the rise. Mango sorbet acts as a shot of energy to lift your mood. Little wonder when orange is a symbol of enthusiasm, positivity and optimism. If you are looking to bring palm trees and white sand to your wedding, this shade is a perfect choice. Do be mindful though because it is so bold, to ensure you have a muter tone to balance it out with. 

Photographer: Wam Bam Photography

Atlantic Blue

You know what they say – “…something blue”. Blue is a colour that soothes, calms and makes you feel at ease, as well as showcasing trustworthiness and safety. It is a colour that aids mental health and wellbeing, which has become particularly important after the pandemic. But don’t let that get you feeling too blue. Atlantic blue is a bolder shade that will pop from your wedding with other bold colours, or if paired with pastels just like orchid. So whether your theme be nautical or Bridgerton, have fun with this fabulous colour!

Photographer: Peter Anslow Photography

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