Wedding Trends 2022 #4 – Go Big, Go Natural

Leading on from our Ethical Weddings trends piece, part of that we believe is keeping it real. Keeping it natural shall we say? This is what this trend is about. We are set to see a huge trend increase in weddings going as natural as possible. 

What does this mean? 

Well, it’s all about bringing the outside in; bringing as much nature as possible, in both colours and textures, to bring in both a romantic and modern setting in one place. 

First, when we think natural, we naturally (haha), think green. As stated before, it is a colour that fits in with almost anything and balances out your colours in (almost) no matter the tone. BUT we will get more into that another time (stay tuned..!)

Speaking of other colours, natural tones to incorporate are sandy colours, browns, but also greys and white/cream, which add a touch of sophistication. But also do not forget about bright colour completely. Having a natural base with a pop of bright colour will fit perfect. For Spring and Summer weddings, orchid flower, THE colour for 2022, can fit really well here. 

Going natural can fit any season depending which one you are getting married in, particularly if you are planning to use seasonal flowers and plants – which we highly recommend you do. Plonking a pumpkin in a spring wedding for example does feel a bit odd doesn’t it…? 

What we’re seeing natural décor-wise, we are seeing a rising interest is minimalist décor, with one big natural centrepiece. Ditching the fake plastic, and instead going with dried flowers for a natural effect that will also last longer than fresh ones. 

But don’t just stick with flowers. Use grasses such as pampas grass, seeds, cotton, and feathers. Use acorns, conkers and pine cones for autumnal and winter weddings. 

On a final point of inspiration, extend your natural theme to your head-gear too. Flower crowns (preferably matching your décor as much as possible) have been on the up for a while, and fit with a lot of natural wedding themes. You can adapt them to festival weddings, Bridgerton, and anything in between. Find more wedding trends, as well as case studies for inspiration, on our blog here:  https://thewellbeingfarm.co.uk/wedding-venue-blog/

8 Nov 2021