Wedding trends 2022 #6 – Focus on Food

Food is one of the most important parts of any wedding. No celebration is complete without a big feast. But couples are looking more and more carefully about what their menu entails. 

The boring standard fancy hotel stuff just won’t do anymore. One it’s boring and unexciting, and two, couples are now looking at the healthier end of the spectrum.

This is in a few ways, not just of the food itself, but also where it comes from, and the ethnicity of it all. 

First thing’s first, is the surge of additional dietary requirements, particularly vegetarians and vegans. 500,000 Brits ditched meat, fish and dairy to become vegan in 2019 alone; and that figure is rising all the time as people cut down on their meat consumption to aid our planet. Now we need to address the elephant in the room – we are partnered with a butchers. 

HOWEVER – don’t let this put you off for two reasons. One, we have despite that provided fully vegetarian/vegan menus before, as seen by Lauren and Matt’s story. And two, because as a local butchers that have been going for 130 years, Whiteheads are passionate about using local produce from their farms, as well as being big supporters of the Farm 2 Fork campaign

One thing about “healthier menus” is also using about meats with a higher quantity of protein that is better for your body. This is including salmon, chicken, and most importantly lamb, Whiteheads’ specialty.  

The most important thing for a healthier menu is that they are packed with lots of fruit and vegetables. Healthy AND bright coloured, perfect for your guests Instagram photos afterwards! 

Now we mentioned this in our Ethical Weddings piece, but think about the ethicacy of your caterers, whether they be from your venue, or external caterers. How local are they? Where do they get their supplies from? Are they local ingredients, or do they need to be imported from halfway across the world? Because there’s no reason having a healthier greener meal, if its air miles are through the roof..!

Another thing to think about is if they have links with community projects such as homeless charities or allotments? There are food hygiene rules as to what can be donated, so be sure to check what those may be for you caterers, but it still is something to think about. Community allotment use has soared during Covid. In fact, Hyndburn in Lancashire saw a 300% increase since the pandemic. 

If you are thinking of something different for your wedding food from the norm, why not get in touch with our Team? Email us at [email protected] for more 

19 Nov 2021