Wedding Trends 2022 #7 – “I Do Right Now” and Midweek weddings

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things. But if it has taught us two things, it is that life is short, and that who is really important to us. 

Therefore, it is little wonder why as much as people want to celebrate, it does not necessarily mean a big wedding. Sometimes it means something more intimate. And with the backlog from 2020 still being a thing, this affects how couples will chose their date in 2022. 

As well as this, the pandemic has been quite a time for couples; and so out of those who have got engaged during the pandemic, there is a greater urge to not wait. Particularly with the desire for families to get together and celebrate something. Which has led to a lot of short engagements. Add them in with the couples postponed from 2020 AND the ones who booked their 2022 weddings in advance, that is A LOT of couples. 

Due to the postponements, a lot of venues have found their Fridays and Saturdays saturated, so midweek has become a lot of couple’s only options. But there are other advantages too, the big one being midweek works for couples on a budget. A lot of couples have struggled financially during the pandemic, and a midweek date that brings the venue hire down. 

Midweek and elopement weddings automatically allows for smaller weddings. Some guests may not be able to get the time off work, and may not be able to travel up. With some still having insecurities about Covid when travelling long distances, having a midweek wedding and chopping numbers alleviates pressure on those people as well. 

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26 Nov 2021