Wedding Trends 2022 #8 – Greenery

We’ve talked about green before on this channel. One shade or another is often one of the colours of the year for weddings. (This year being no exception with olive green). 

Green is one of the most popular colours to be incorporated into weddings in some way or another; and little wonder as it goes with so much. 

Green can be fun or sophisticated. You can pair it with muted tones and make it pop; or you can pair it among other bright colours and balance it out. And that is what green ultimately symbolises: balance, harmony and creativity. 

It is little wonder greenery is such a big trend in 2022 considering the trends for natural and outdoor weddings we have already discussed. Green is the colour people associate nature with after all, and there are so many types of greenery that can be incorporated for any season. From palm leaves in the summer, to holly branches in winter. 

As well as the seasonality of greenery, think about the variety of fragrances of greenery you can incorporate into your décor. Like a lot of people, one of my personal favourite fragrance is fresh cut grass; so think about a grass you can put in if you want something different from flowers. But there is also fern leaves, citrus fruits like limes, and especially herbs. 

How you bring in some green is up to you: a natural runner down the table: wrapped around your table plan: something hanging from the ceiling: a circular centrepiece. The options you can choose from are limitless. Here’s some tips for you if you’re looking for some green as part of your wedding. 

For our inspiration, we love what Mel and Vince did during their wedding, especially with the Moon gate Arch!

3 Dec 2021