Wedding Trends #5 – Outdoor Space

As well as going natural and eco-friendly, we are seeing a huge trend increase in using the great outdoors; the most natural space of all you could say. 

In 2019, having a ceremony outdoors was the 4th most popular choice among couples, at 8%. However, this is one area where Ms Rona has had a huge impact. As restrictions were lifted on outdoor weddings first, we saw a huge increase in couples turning outdoors for their big day. In fact, in the US, where it is a huge trend as it is, we saw an 11% increase in couples choosing to have their ceremony outdoors in 2020 when compared to the 2019 figures. That’s massive! 

A recent study found that more than 50% of couples since Covid would host their wedding in their back garden if they could; mainly as a way to bring down costs. However, in Scotland, where you can get married anywhere you wish, that after a while, we have seen couples came back to licenced areas with outdoor facilities already in place. This was mainly upon realising hiring catering facilities and portaloos etc would be things they need to think about…

Still, for those still worried about Covid, outdoor weddings have, and are set to remain very popular.

Having an outdoor ceremony, you are surrounded by fresh air, so no need to worry about the ventilation of a building. We can certainly understand the reasoning. 

So if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, going by the trends, we suggest tying into the natural wedding theme. This is where you can be the most flexible, with flowers, greenery or grasses. Incorporate that with some nice lighting again, with festoon lighting, or some lanterns to give off a warm natural glow. 

This also extends to you dress and make up. Remember, natural light is harsh and magnifies your make up; so we advise keeping it as natural to your skin tone as possible. As for dresses, it seems the Duchess of Sussex’ wedding dress style has finally caught into the mainstream; with minimalist dresses with understated cuts becoming more and more popular, as opposed to embellishment. 

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12 Nov 2021