Wedding Trends Through The Ages

Think you know what a traditional wedding looks like? Are you picturing a bride in a white dress, gorgeous bouquets, and a walk down the aisle? Think again. Weddings have changed A LOT over the years, and here we’ve picked out a few of the most interesting wedding trends through the ages.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, couples would agree on what they would bring to the marriage from their family homes. As soon as the woman entered the man’s house with the agreed upon goods, they were married. Romantic.

Qing Dynasty, China

Not planning on crying at your wedding? Then prepare to be looked down upon by your entire village! During the Qing Dynasty in China, it was customary that a bride would cry for an hour a night, starting a whole month before the wedding date. Ten days later, her mother would join in on the weeping, and ten days after that, the rest of the women in the immediate family. This actually still happens in certain parts of China, although it is very rare.

wedding trends through the ages
“Pub tonight?” “Can’t, I’m scheduled to cry from 9 ’til 10”

Ancient Rome

A sacred torch would be lit in honour of the Roman goddess of fertility, Ceres. There was also a sacrifice for Ceres, with it being common for a pig to be slaughtered at the wedding. Please don’t do that in the barn.


The hottest wedding trend of 650 BC? The bride shaving her head and dressing up in men’s clothing. Plus, the bride and groom would take part in a fake abduction, with the bride waiting in a dark room waiting for the groom to come and steal her away. Surprisingly, Spartan women had many more rights than other women in Ancient Greece, having to agree to be married.

wedding trends through the ages
How did Spartan soldiers cope when away from their wives?


Like the sound of a traditional Viking wedding? Well then, the groom ought to be prepared to break into one of his ancestors’ grave to take their sword. The bride will have an easier time of it, having a spa day before the wedding. Nice one.

French Renaissance

The French Renaissance, a golden age for art, architecture, and literature. Not for weddings. After a French wedding had taken place, and the bride and groom had gone to their marital bed, guests would put leftover alcohol, food, and rubbish into a chamber pot. Then, they’d break into the bride and groom’s room and force them to drink from the pot. This was supposed to give the couple the energy for the wedding night ahead. We’re not so sure.

wedding trends through the ages
“A tenner says she throws up”


How about a dreamy nature-inspired Celtic wedding? Just make sure your new husband doesn’t have any other wives, though, as a first wife can legally kill a second wife within 3 days of the new marriage.  Apparently, this could be where the tradition of a honeymoon comes from, as the groom and his second wife would take a break far away from the murderous first wife.

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15 Feb 2019