Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

I am crazy about following wedding trends, the latest stories about the wedding industry, wedding inspiration etc… I’ve just realised I should really be sharing this information which is why this area has been created.

I usually start with the International Wedding Trend Report which outlines the main wedding trends coming up in the years to come http://www.weddingacademyglobal.com/trend-report/ – it’s very comprehensive and covers all areas. Next, I turn to reputable sites like Bridebook who produce a really good comprehensive UK wedding industry study revealing year-on-year changes https://bridebook.co.uk/article/bridebook-wedding-report-2018

There are then numerous blogs which I follow like Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, coco wedding venues, Hitched, Confetti etc. in fact there are loads of them and it’s knowing who to follow for good advice is the issue…

I actually like following the trends in Australia and New Zealand and of course the good old USA as they eventually filter to the UK so it’s great to see what’s coming up. I will be covering the trends for 2019 when they start to emerge (don’t think with three months left it’s worth focusing on 2018)!

10 Sep 2018