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Summer Wedding Story: Siobhan & Luke

Congratulations to Siobhan Doherty and Luke Stericker who got married 21st June 2019 at The Wellbeing Farm! 🍾 Their relaxed wedding blooming with wildflowers and pastel colours fitted perfectly with the Farm's atmosphere - in fact, there were so many flowers, Luke seemed to find a new calling when helping with the flower arrangements.  For their ceremony, Siobhan's mother walked her halfway...

Wedding Trends 2022 #7 – “I Do Right Now” and Midweek weddings

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things. But if it has taught us two things, it is that life is short, and that who is really important to us.  Therefore, it is little wonder why as much as people want to celebrate, it does not necessarily mean a big wedding. Sometimes it means something more intimate. And with the backlog from 2020 still being a thing, this affects how couples...

Autumn Wedding Story: Rachael & Andy

November at The Wellbeing Farm kicked off with Rachael and Andy's autumnal wedding, full of twinkly lights, pumpkins, leaves and squashes - and so many llamas!!!!  The autumn theme also transferred to their menu as they had our spiced butternut squash soup and their vegan + vegetarian guests were served with stuffed pumpkin! To top it off, they washed their food down with our Pimp Your Hot...

Wedding trends 2022 #6 – Focus on Food

Food is one of the most important parts of any wedding. No celebration is complete without a big feast. But couples are looking more and more carefully about what their menu entails.  The boring standard fancy hotel stuff just won’t do anymore. One it’s boring and unexciting, and two, couples are now looking at the healthier end of the spectrum. This is in a few ways, not just of the food...

Our Experience at COP 26!

Hard to believe a week ago, Celia and Charlotte were representing the Farm at COP 26!! They spent two nights in Glasgow as they were invited to exhibit at a fringe event hosted by UK Hospitality. Set at the Revolution Bar, it was attended by the likes of Coca Cola, Burger King, Brewdog and the Hilton….! And then you have us…! Did that really just happen?! As you can imagine, we were going to...

Summer Wedding Story: Paula & Rachel

Congratulations to the MRS & MRS LACEY!!  The Brides' arrived in style in a colourful Campervan which set the tone perfectly as we began the PRLovefest celebrations! The barn was filled with festival style decor and we saw a mix of blues & lilacs as the bridesmaids entered the barn through different doors before their BFF brides - it was so lovely to watch everything come together!!...

Wedding Trends #5 – Outdoor Space

As well as going natural and eco-friendly, we are seeing a huge trend increase in using the great outdoors; the most natural space of all you could say.  In 2019, having a ceremony outdoors was the 4th most popular choice among couples, at 8%. However, this is one area where Ms Rona has had a huge impact. As restrictions were lifted on outdoor weddings first, we saw a huge increase in couples...

Wedding Trends 2022 #4 – Go Big, Go Natural

Leading on from our Ethical Weddings trends piece, part of that we believe is keeping it real. Keeping it natural shall we say? This is what this trend is about. We are set to see a huge trend increase in weddings going as natural as possible.  What does this mean?  Well, it’s all about bringing the outside in; bringing as much nature as possible, in both colours and textures, to bring...

Winter Wedding Story – Nicola & Alan

For Nicola and Alan’s wedding, Team Wellbeing did the equivalent of moving a mountain.... We were faced with the most horrific weather! At one point we had no water, our drive was inaccessible due to the foot high snow which had assembled all down the drive ..... but.... we were determined not to cancel. Bringing in an emergency water supply, a digger to clear the drive, tractors to deliver...

Spring Wedding Story: Ellie & Richard

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Cotton!! Guests traveled far and wide to a very colourful wedding that shouted out loud and clear that SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Hiring coloured table cloths, their table markers were under every colour of the rainbow and decorated with moons and stars (Richard is an astrophysicist!); they even hung a stunning rainbow coloured origami crane mobile from our ceiling - made by...

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