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Happy Llama-Llama-Lancashire Day!

27th November is Lancashire Day, celebrating everything about the best county of all (just saying): from the culture, to lifestyle and the achievements we cannot help but celebrate! We would also like to join Marketing Lancashire in giving the whole county a giant hug. And to thank everyone who’s worked so hard to keep us all safe! We’d also like to give a hug to all of our fellow suppliers in...

Introducing the Wedding Trends for 2021!

Planning a 2021 or 2022 wedding?  Get to know the trends for next year’s nuptials.  We are more than just a little bit excited to see the emerging wedding trends for 2021 & 2022; and cannot wait to see our couples embrace these and emerge with some of the most amazing weddings that our venue has ever seen! By putting out the research we’ve done, we hope it makes you super excited to begin...

Into The Woods … and Happy Ever After!

What’s the most romantic setting to get married? On a beach? In a church? On a hilltop? Well yes those are all pretty romantic, but how about a woodland wedding? Soon you can! Legally! You see there’s a new law coming in that means that a place doesn’t need a premises marriage licence, which means you can get married pretty much anywhere. Even a McDonalds if you wanted to…! While we may not have...

Remembering your Loved Ones at your Wedding

Weddings can be an emotional time for the best of us, but if you are missing a loved one too it can be incredibly hard and sometimes overwhelming. Don't panic, here are a few ideas so that you can remember your loved one on your wedding day: Use their favourite flowers as part of your bouquet, buttonholes or centre-pieces There may be something of theirs you can use as your “something old” or...

We have clinched a place in Forbes’ inaugural Reinvention and Resilience Top 50!!

Our Hard Work is Officially Paying Off!!! We are thrilled to announce that we have joined an elite group of businesses, after being included in the inaugural Forbes Solicitors Reinvention and Resilience Top 50 – an insightful report featuring North West companies that have innovated and diversified during the Coronavirus pandemic. As you may know, 2020 has not been an easy year for businesses:...

Do you need to wear a face-mask when visiting us?

If you have booked a private viewing, are attending an Open day or have a planning meeting at The Wellbeing Farm, we cannot wait to see you! As with all wedding venues and hospitality places, we are following secure Covid-19 Government guidance, which includes whether or not you would need to wear a face mask when visiting us. Our general rule is: All Staff will wear a mask or visor whilst...

Worried about where to stay? Did you know we are surrounded by over 126 bedrooms in a 5 mile radius of The Wellbeing Farm! 

You all know that The Wellbeing Farm is a green and sustainable venue: it’s so important to us to run weddings and events that are friendly to the environment. You may now be thinking that I’m going to tell you how our accommodation is eco-friendly; and while I COULD, this is not what I want to say.  Because being sustainable has a secondary meaning, a human one at that. It’s to support the...

How to Wear Sustainability

In recent years, the implications of ‘fast fashion’ have become ever more apparent. The term ‘fast fashion’ refers to the quick production of inexpensive clothing by mass-market retailers in response to the demand for the latest trends and it is thought to have begun in the early 2000s. Fast fashion ensures that new designs move quickly from the catwalk to our local stores and by doing new...

Physical vs Virtual Interaction: why nothing beats being in the Office!

We may have all gotten used to meetings over Zoom and other virtual platforms during the past few months rather than physical; but in our opinion, nothing beats good face-to-face interaction back in the office. Here’s why: There’s more focus and less distractions between delegates in in-person meetings; this allows for better productivity and creativity It is much easier to build relationships...

Why wellbeing is even more important after the outbreak

During lockdown, we have all had to take a big pause on many things on our life, and to focus on ourselves and our wellbeing: whether that be eating healthier, doing more exercise or interacting with nature more on daily walks. It’s now important that the new normal doesn’t let up on looking after ourselves and our wellbeing; especially as nobody truly knows what this new normal is going to be...

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