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Break your Reliance on Disposable Plastics!

Disposable plastics are a huge contribution to the waste we produce.  It has been estimated that over 300 million metric tonnes of plastic is produced over the world annually. A staggering 50% of this is though to be disposable and these are discarded within a year of purchase.  When disposable plastics are thrown away, they can either be sent to a landfill site, incinerated, recycled, or left...

How workplaces will change due to Covid-19 and how we can solve problems with these changes, helping them get back to normal

Things are going back to some kind of normal; people are starting to go back to work; more and more things are opening up, all be with social distancing measures in. But it’s not going to be completely normal until a vaccine for Covid-19 is found – let’s be honest! And after all this time working from home, let us also be honest it is going to feel weird being around colleagues again. Not as...

Why Recycling Is Important

In recent years, climate emergencies have started to gain the recognition they need and this has led to recycling fast becoming part of our everyday lives. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether recycling really makes a difference? Well, here is the affirmation you need! Recycling is a mighty method of ensuring the sustainability of our planet. Read on to see why! Recycling preserves what...

How good is your corporate venue?

Think of the venue you usually escape from the office for your Team Building. Or perhaps to network and forge new connections. Or somewhere to thrash out some ideas for your next new project. Ok, now, think about: Where is it? Is it another urban venue? Is it far from the office? What are the views like? Are they stale ones of grey buildings or traffic? Not the most inspiring? What is the space...

The Benefits of Shopping Locally

There are many benefits to shopping locally that don’t just involve saving you time. Buying produce from local amenities, such as farmer's markets, lets you know where the product has originated from. As well as being beneficial to you, shopping locally is also a relief for the environment. Reduce your food miles: One of the most important things about sourcing food locally is the reduction this...

5 Reasons to why nothing beats in-person networking

During the lockdown, we all had to become Zoom experts overnight! But nothing beats face-to-face contact, whether it’s with your family or your Team. So we’re giving 5 reasons why it may be soon time to give Zoom a break and get back to physical networking (safely of course).   It’s in our DNA Humans are social animals – we’re not designed to be cooped up as we have been for a significant...

Constructing Water Butts

One of the advantages of summer showers (and there’s not many) is collecting the water that your garden needs to flourish in the sunny weather. Creating a water-butt is a perfect and easy way to harvest water whilst keeping the cost on your meter down and it’s better than tap water for your plants. Here are a few pointers and tips to help you utilise the free assets of nature! Types of...

Introducing the MINIMONY (or Mini Ceremony if you will…)

A minimony is a mini ceremony held with your loved ones, or simply a moment of commitment shared between yourselves. It is likely to be only a very small number of guests (we guestimate between 5-10) and will take around an hour. We are able to live stream your ceremony to other guests that cannot attend if you so wish. Having a Minimony allows you to...

The Benefits of Eating Seasonably

Flowers are blossoming, birds are singing, the breeze of the wind is beginning to feel warmer, and the sun dawdles a little longer in the sky – summer is on its way! But this doesn’t just bring afternoon picnics and reading in the sun, summer brings a very tasty selection of seasonable food! There are many benefits to eating seasonably. Here are some of them. Reducing our carbon footprint: The...

The Benefits of Having a Compost Bin

Composting is nature’s method of recycling our food waste into nutrients for plants. Installing a compost bin in your home has many benefits for your household and the Earth. Reduce household waste Around 35% of our household rubbish is organic waste. In our throw-away culture today, so much waste is left to rot in the landfill site or incinerated and this is a shocking waste of green resources....

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