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The Benefits of Having a Compost Bin

Composting is nature’s method of recycling our food waste into nutrients for plants. Installing a compost bin in your home has many benefits for your household and the Earth. Reduce household waste Around 35% of our household rubbish is organic waste. In our throw-away culture today, so much waste is left to rot in the landfill site or incinerated and this is a shocking waste of green resources....

Where can we have photos taken?

Photos are one of the biggest parts of any wedding. True - for a lot of the guests, it can mean A LOT of standing around. But it's worth it, as a good photographer can bring back incredible memories for you and all your guests. Where to take the photos is also just as important as who is in them, and we have plenty of photo opportunities! The vintage tractor With our llamas, alpacas and donkeys...

What happens if it rains during my wedding?

While we want to bring the best possible wedding we can for you, the ONE thing we sadly cannot guarantee is the Mother Nature. We are in Lancashire after all…. So what happens if it rains in the middle of your wedding? It may be considered good luck for the heavens to open at some point during your wedding... But you cannot guarantee it will happen at a point when everyone's inside... With that...

Team Wellbeing’s Guide on How to work from Home

Due to the widespread outbreak of Covid-19, many of us are likely to be working from home for the first time. Working from home isn’t as easy as it seems and many people are struggling in just HOW to work from home. Here are our top tips to adapt to the change: Make to do lists. Creating a list of a few essential tasks for the day allows you to feel productive from the simple things. It can be...

5 Ways to make your next Event Fun with Social Distancing

Want to get your Team re-acquainted but don’t know how to do that AND comply with the guidelines? Here are 5 quick ways to make your next Team Building session a load of fun WITHIN the social distancing rules. Issue your guests/delegates fun masks to wear, , or see who can make the biggest statement with the funniest mask. Click here for some inspiration. Run a competition with your Team – who...

An Interview with Catherine Weetman

Hi everyone, thank you for reading another Sustainable Saturday blog. This week I did an interview with the amazing Catherine Weetman! Catherine is an author, speaker, and fundamental activist in creating environmental and resilient methods in business and sustainability. She is the Founder of Property Company ‘Re-Think Solutions’; as well as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Huddersfield...

Can I try the Food?

Congratulations! You’ve booked your dream wedding date – and now you want to try the scrumptious food you can have on your wedding...! No problem!! Once you book your wedding with us, you will receive a voucher in your WOW pack for your places on any of our fun and magical Wedding Feast Experiences; during which you can sample your yummy chosen Wedding Breakfast Menu before your big day! Whether...

The Wellbeing Farm, Our Green Story

Set in the picturesque hillside of Edgworth, The Wellbeing Farm has become known for its sustainable running and ecological ethos. Founder Celia Gaze had a dream of creating a venue centred around Wellbeing. Through her tireless hard work and optimistic drive to succeed, it blossomed into reality. The Wellbeing Farm was created, and we have quite the story. By applying environmental initiative...

10 ways to celebrate your original Wedding Date

If you’ve had to have your wedding re-scheduled due to certain circumstances out of your control, you’re not alone: and we would like to help you by giving you 10 ways you can celebrate your original Wedding date. We are contacting every couple of ours who has had to reschedule on their date on their original day and let them know we are thinking of them, but here are some ways you can make it...

A Natural Solution to Chemical Cleaning Products

Many domestic cleaning products are detrimental to the user and the world around us. The Environmental Working group examined the safety of over 1000 ingredients which are used in commercial domestic household cleaning products..! The results of their investigation found that more than half of the cleaning products explored contained products that were not natural AND harmful to our lungs! As...

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