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Beating the Lockdown 3.0 Blues!

We may be in the midst of Lockdown 3.0, but all of Team Wellbeing (including the llamas) are not going to let it beat us. Instead of shutting off, we've adapted fully to working from home when we can. This also applies to moving our Open Days to be fully virtual. First off once the couples book, is a link to our updated Virtual Tour by Celia herself, which leaves no stone unturned in how couples...

Why you shouldn’t rule out a January Wedding

January is a very weird month. It starts out with a blast on New Year’s, a time when people think about making a new start. And after last year, it’s no wonder all people wanted was to press the refresh button. But as soon as New Year’s Day comes and goes, January is often left with a sense of dullness. It’s cold, it’s grey and nothing happens. Often, it is the very last month in which couples...

Wedding Trends 2021 #7 – Back to the 70s!

One feeling that 2020 has made us is… apart from annoyed, frustrated etc. (we’re not going to go into that!), is nostalgic. So it’s little wonder that for 2021, we are seeing a huge surge of couples taking inspiration from the past, particularly one of the most varied – the 1970s! Especially for the décor, and for their music! “Imagine” décor that takes you back! A lot of décor from that era is...

Wedding Trends 2021 #6 – You Can Do It If You DIY It!

One of the biggest trends of the last few years is the DIY Wedding; that is NOT going to go away in 2021.  We love a DIY wedding as it shows how creative the couple can get, whether it be using items from our Prop Shed or ones they brought from home.  Here’s a few easy examples how to give a little homemade-touch to your wedding: Re-use and Recycle the booze. Don’t throw away those pretty gin,...

Wedding Trends 2021 #5 – Turn to the Great Outdoors!

Due to She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, there has been a HUGE spike in interest for Outdoor Weddings, especially for the ceremony. And even taking the safety matter out of the equation (we’re not going to go into that), the main reason why we love outdoor weddings is that they’re relaxed and truly allow the couple’s creativity to shine. I mean, there’s a lot you can do to transform a field, woodland,...

Wedding Trends 2021 #4 – Colour me 2021!

If you're having a wedding in 2021, it looks like the next year is set to have quite a few colour combinations to be aware of. But fear not, we’re going to try and break it down as much as we can.   Peach and Ochre This is set to be the biggest colour palette for 2021, especially during the spring and summer. Ochre is also one of the Pantone colours of the Year for 2021 (the other one we...

Wedding Trends 2021 #3 – Be Green!

Throughout the years, we as a race have become much more aware of our impact on the environment. And so, more and more couples are looking for ways to make their wedding as green as possible. With that in mind, our Blogger Charlotte and Sustainability Star Leah have teamed up for this special trend. Here is what they've found on how couples are making their wedding green.  Want to try something...

Wedding Trends 2021 #2 – Burn the Rule Book!

In every culture, there are a lot of traditions: something old, something new, something blue etc etc etc. In fact there’s certainly enough rules to write a book about them. But here’s where we say – maybe this rule book needs to be edited. Hear us out on this. A wedding is something that only happens once in a person’s lifetime (we hope!). And if there is anything that the Covid-19 pandemic of...

How sustainable is your Corporate Venue?

With the lockdown going on, it has been a perfect opportunity to reflect on a lot of things. And we’ve seen nature coming back to life while the world has been paused. So we want to put a question to you: How sustainable is your typical corporate venue? Take yourself back to the last time you were there: Do you see any recycling bins around the venue? How clear is their green pledge on their...

Why did we choose Llamas?

Our star attraction is without doubt our llamas!  And why wouldn’t they be when THEY’RE JUST SO CUTE!!!! …. Sorry, lost myself for a second. But did you know why we chose llamas in the first place? Well…  Rewind back quite a few years, after Celia’s son was born and she returned back to her job in the NHS, she burnt out due to stress. She then set out to try and learn as much as she could about...

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