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How to Wear Sustainability

In recent years, the implications of ‘fast fashion’ have become ever more apparent. The term ‘fast fashion’ refers to the quick production of inexpensive clothing by mass-market retailers in response to the demand for the latest trends and it is thought to have begun in the early 2000s. Fast fashion ensures that new designs move quickly from the catwalk to our local stores and by doing new...

Physical vs Virtual Interaction: why nothing beats being in the Office!

We may have all gotten used to meetings over Zoom and other virtual platforms during the past few months rather than physical; but in our opinion, nothing beats good face-to-face interaction back in the office. Here’s why: There’s more focus and less distractions between delegates in in-person meetings; this allows for better productivity and creativity It is much easier to build relationships...

Why wellbeing is even more important after the outbreak

During lockdown, we have all had to take a big pause on many things on our life, and to focus on ourselves and our wellbeing: whether that be eating healthier, doing more exercise or interacting with nature more on daily walks. It’s now important that the new normal doesn’t let up on looking after ourselves and our wellbeing; especially as nobody truly knows what this new normal is going to be...

A Guide to the Three P’s of Sustainability for Businesses

The three P’s of sustainability consist of: 1. Planet 2. People 3. Profit These three P’s are also known as ‘the triple bottom line’, a concept which was first proposed by environmentalist John Elkington who suggests that a business must measure their success not only by the ‘traditional bottom line’ of financial profit or value but also by their impact on the environment and society. Therefore,...

How does a venue’s environment contribute to performance?

We all know that nature is good for the soul. Our daily exercise has been a blessing for us during the full lockdown. It calms us, refreshes us, and focuses us. This applies to both professional and personal: have you wondered about the venue you use outside of your office? And whether or not the environment it is in affects your performance? I can honestly say that by working at The Wellbeing...

Why it is Important to Have a Positive Attitude Towards the Climate Crisis

Thinking about the climate crisis and global warming is often such an overwhelming thought that it can be near impossible to have a single positive notion about it. What do we do? Where do we start? How can I help? These questions tumble around our minds when we read headlines and reports which centre around our self-inflicted impending doom. The climate crisis is, of course, a terrifying thing,...

Save Energy, Save Money, Save the World.

On average, one household emits around 14 tonnes of greenhouse gasses every year. It has been estimated that half of this is from electricity generation. Making simple considerations of and alterations to the way we treat daily appliances can help reduce your carbon footprint whilst also saving money on your energy bill; it’s a win-win situation! Here are 10 easy ways you can save energy: Unplug...

OMG What Happened When The Inspector Visited…

Hi everyone, Hope you are keeping safe.In this update:  How we adapted during lockdown What happened when we met with the inspector We are proud to be an #Extramile venue! Our Pivot - Introducing the North West Centre for Business & Team Wellbeing  Collaborating to revitalise wellbeing in Lancashire Our recovery ambition We want to party do you? Our new development: The Snug Dates for your...

Sustainability and Minimal Living

Sustainable living is fast becoming a trend that we are all starting to adopt; the reduction in our use of fossil fuels and our inventions to counteract this dependence is a tribute to this. However, sustainable living transcends the field of energy and often, sustainable practice can go hand in hand with other lifestyles, such as minimalism. Minimalism doesn’t mean sitting in a blank room...

How we adapted during Lockdown

Whilst a lot of businesses shut their doors and furloughed their staff during lockdown, The Wellbeing Farm adapted working practices. We stayed well and truly OPEN and fully focused on looking after couples – which is what we do best!  You do not win ‘Events team of the Year’ for nothing 😁 How did the team adapt? Staff were and still are, fully set up to be able to work from home; this includes...

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