Download ‘The insider’s guide to choosing a wedding venue’

What do you really need to know?

We think we know you

  • You want your wedding to be special and unique and for your guests to have fun in a relaxed environment.
  • You’d love your wedding to be creatively styled and to have food and drink which your guests will rave about.
  • You really want an unforgettable, memorable, relaxed, fun party which flows effortlessly with complete coordination throughout the day.
  • You’d like to be supported during your wedding planning, ensuring that you experience the least hassle and stress as possible in delivering the wedding of your dreams.


If this is what you want, we can help…

We are passionate about helping couples find the right venue for them. We’ve seen too many couples stressed out, overwhelmed, confused, nervous and worried. Choosing your venue is a huge decision to make…

We’ve put together 26 questions based on our experience of helping couples plan their perfect wedding, questions which you won’t think you need to ask.

Learn our secrets and pick our brains so you can be assured that when you pick your wedding venue, you’ve made your decision based on the right intelligence.


Download ‘The insider’s guide to choosing a wedding venue – what do you really need to know?’ guide now, learn all our secrets and start being less stressed and worried right now!

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