Wedding Guests Information

We want to make sure you have the best experience when you visit our family farm. We often get asked questions so we thought it may be helpful if we put some of the most common questions we are asked together in this overview to help you plan your visit.


We are completely wheelchair accessible – we do not have any steps to negotiate and hope that any mobile guests are able to enjoy all aspects of the wedding. A full access statement can be viewed here.


We’ve got a great range of local accommodation and details of local hotels and guest houses can be found here.


We are licenced premises with a full range of beer and spirits and we are happy to accept credit cards or cash in our bars.  Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring any alcohol onto our premises – no hip flasks, bottles or cans are permitted and if found will be confiscated. We will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour towards our staff.

Cars and Overnight Parking:

The good news is that your cars can be left overnight (at the owner’s risk) although we have CCTV cameras covering the Barns premises and grounds and the farm gate is locked at night, so our carpark is as secure as we can make it. The farm gate reopens at 10 am the following morning and we really need you to remove your car by midday the following day as it is likely we will have another function on. There are camping and accommodation facilities nearby so guests are not permitted to stay overnight in the car park (in camper vans, caravans, vans, etc).

Cigarettes / Cigars:

Due to local licensing policies, our bar does not sell cigars or cigarettes, so please bring any cigarette supplies you need for the day/evening. We have a dedicated smoking shelter for your use.


We love confetti but we’d appreciate it if you could only use the dried petal variety (other types of confetti leave a residue) and we’d appreciate it if you could only throw confetti outside.


The conditions of the venue hire clearly state that any loss or damage to guests property, or damage to the Barns property, is the responsibility of the hirer. Please be responsible for your own property and the Barn’s property and take care of any valuables during your visit to us.  Any damage/property theft will be billed to the hirer.

Dietary Requirements and Food Allergies:

We will have asked the hirer if any of their guests have any dietary requirements or food allergies and we will have prepared special dishes to take account of this. If you do have any food allergies it is worth reminding the staff of this.


Directions to the farm and a map can be found on this page.

Footwear and Clothing:

There is no need for you to bring wellies to the farm as there are no muddy areas. The Barn is an original Barn and therefore the floor is uneven in places, you may, therefore, want to bring a change of shoes for dancing later on and there are lockers for storage purposes.

The farm is located 800 feet above sea level and while we enjoy amazing views, it can be windy at times. Probably best to bring something like a cardigan or wrap for any potentially chilly evenings.

Noise and Live Music:

We love dancing and a great party and nearly all our functions have either DJ’s or live music. Although we are a farm with acres of land, we do have nearby farms and need to consider the impact of any noise levels on our neighbours. Local Licensing Policies only allow music to be played at certain levels in the countryside, so if the music is too loud, we will politely ask for it to be turned down.

Personal Belongings:

If we find any personal belongings, we keep them safe at the barn and usually give them to the wedding couple the following day for safe-keeping.  If you have lost anything, please contact us on 01204 852113 or contact the wedding couple direct.

We have coat hooks and lockers are provided in the barn for valuables.


We have a good selection of local taxis that can be booked on the day of the wedding, but it is also a good idea to book your own local taxi/minibus with a return trip (hotel to barn/barn to home etc). Taxi numbers can be found here.

Unless special arrangements are made by the wedding couple, all our weddings finish at 1 am for carriages.

To contact the farm directly in the run-up or on the day – please call 01204 852113

We hope you have a fantastic day and evening with us.

Most of all we want you to have fun and to get home safely and we hope this information helps x

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