We’re ReWilding!

We’re allowing the wild to grow!

What are the ways we can help the planet? Plant trees? Go vegan? Leave the car at home? 

Well, we are trying another that’s on the list: rewilding. 

It’s something that we are all recommended to do in some capacity in our gardens, depending on space of course; leaving a patch of space completely alone for nature to take its course. 

This is what we aim to do by leaving the grass areas to re-wild: 

  • Providing habitats for insects and wildlife 
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by not using machinery 
  • Promoting sustainable landscapes
  • Encouraging native wildflowers 
  • Improving biodiversity by using no weed killer 
  • Creating a naturalised landscape 
  • And of course, protecting the planet! 

The whole idea is to become as close as positive to carbon negative – going beyond net zero and giving more carbon back to the earth than we’re pumping out. And the best thing to plant, as greenery soak in CO2 from the atmosphere. 

With this re-wilding scheme, we hope to create the Wellbeing Woodland, a whole new forest community – more on that to come up soon! 

We’re of course in the early stages of this, starting planting, and putting away the mower. But we will keep you posted on our progress, and give you a sneak peak in creating some photo opportunities we’ve never had to take opportunity of before. 

Keep your eyes peeled… 

7 Oct 2022