We’ve been going for 6 years!

6 years! I can hardly believe it myself! But on today, National Small Business Day, it’s a good idea to think about how we got this far.

We’ve changed a bit over the past few years; when we originally opened, we were focused on wellbeing (of course), with the focus of a business group taking time out from busy life and having a day off in the Lancashire hills. We got the llamas because it was scientifically proven that a walk with a llama was meant to improve a person’s wellbeing; and while we still hold corporate events…

How we’ve changed!

Now, we’ve gone from that to an award-winning wedding venue, focused on offering Fun, Unique and Magical weddings; and the story is such a page turner, our Managing Director and Head Stable-Maid Celia has written a book about it. But one main thing has stayed the same – we’re a small business, with focuses on sustainability and helping the local community.

From business to human relations, we’ve become a well-known part of the Edgworth community – a lot of our staff for example are from the area, or from the surrounding towns and villages. They even all go to the same high school and colleges, and some of them even decide to walk to work daily! When we’re hiring, it is always our staff that we turn to first, to help us advertise and spread the word.

Similarly, all the suppliers that we use are from local businesses, including those who we recommend to our brides. Speaking of supplier, I cannot go on without mentioning Whiteheads Butchers – our partner business, which has been going for over 130 years! We’re very passionate of the Farm to Fork policy, and are proud to say that all of our meat used for our weddings, parties and other events is supplied by Whiteheads.

Without all this, I don’t think we would have been as successful as we have been. For millennial brides, making their wedding as sustainable as possible is so important to them, and locality is just one of these. We will be going through other aspects in more details in future blogs.

To finish, for all our friends, brides and grooms, and staff past and present, thank you for supporting us – we wouldn’t have been able to get this far without you!

9 May 2019