What a Wedding Planner Does For You – Your Wish is Our Command

So here it is, the biggest day of your life, all the planning, stressing, excitement, and nerves all come down to this one minute in time. Standing in line with your bridal party, flowers in hand, veil covering your face, about to walk down the aisle, all eyes on you from nearby family and friends as you prepare to be met by your one! Sounds like a Disney movie, right? Well, just a little – but who is your fairy Godmother, standing right beside you? That would be me, yep little old me, your wedding planner! The one who has listened to your grand plans straight from day one, the one who has got an email thread waaay too long to count, the one who came in super early this morning to make sure your sunflowers were positioned at the 45-degree angle requested so that they have the WOW factor you wanted, and that the barn was just the perfect heat – yep little old me!

We know that planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times, but let’s face it, it can also be some of the most stressful and intense planning you’ll ever come across. Now, I’m not saying we are the be all and end all of your wedding planning, but having a wedding planner close by to help you through your wedding journey certainly does help – and I may be a little biased, but Team Wellbeing do go that little extra.

During your wedding journey with us, you have a 6-month, 3-month, and 2-week meeting in the run up to your wedding day. This gives you dedicated time to express any worries, lay down the law on table plans, ask advice on runners, but most importantly give you that security and assurance that we have your back! Our dedicated wedding and event coordination team love to see through your journeys from start to finish and are on hand pretty much 24/7! We provide a 7-day service of communication through email, phone, AND our dedicated Facebook group – so it’s easy to track us down!

Like I said, we are your Fairy Godmother stood beside you both – feeling as proud as your parents did when they waved you off for your first day of school – making your vison reality. We experience the whole day with you, ensuring your tables are laid the way you planned, food is served to fill the empty tummies, and tissues are on hand to wipe the tears during those heartfelt speeches. We become your Wellbeing BFF, wedding drama agony aunt, and even simply just the place you can escape for a brew, cake, and chat just because you want to – and you know what? We LOVE it!

Warmest wishes,

Daniella, Team Wellbeing Wedding and Event Coordinator x

11 Oct 2018