What Does it Mean to be ‘Sustainable’?

What it means to be sustainable, is by living in a way that creates harmony between us and the planet.

Imagine you have been on a nice muddy walk. If you don’t wipe your boots before entering your house, you’ll track more mud on the carpets. And the more you’ll have to clean up after yourself.

Sustainable living has the same ideology – the less mess we make, the less mess we’ll have to clean up.

It is important that we adapt our way of living to coincide with sustainable ideas. Unless we begin to make radical changes to the way we treat the environment, our impact upon the Earth will exceed our planet’s capabilities.

In order to prevent this from happening, we must crucially understand that cleaning up the damage we create is harder than not creating this damage in the first place.

Once we accept this, we begin to regain control over our influence on the planet and therefore prevent the damage we are doing to it.

In order for a venue to run sustainably, the environmental impact of its operations must be considered, monitored and repurposed. The Wellbeing Farm, the ethical ethos is upheld at the centre of their weddings and events.

From the llama feed to reinventing and redesigning pre-used decorations, the farm operates with sustainability at its heart.

We’ve been doing the “sustainable” weddings thing before it became a huge trend!

Every week, I’ll be looking at how The Wellbeing Farm is improving its ecological standards and how these ideas can be internalised and applied to our everyday lives.

Stay tuned to see how we put what sustainable means into practise, and how you can help make the world a more sustainable place: https://thewellbeingfarm.co.uk/category/sustainability/.

Written by Leah Bennett

25 Apr 2020