What happens if it rains during my wedding?

While we want to bring the best possible wedding we can for you, the ONE thing we sadly cannot guarantee is the Mother Nature.
We are in Lancashire after all…. So what happens if it rains in the middle of your wedding?

It may be considered good luck for the heavens to open at some point during your wedding… But you cannot guarantee it will happen at a point when everyone’s inside…

With that in mind, we do have back up plans if it rains and your wedding is re-located indoors:

  • Planning on an outdoor ceremony? If plans go upside-down, we will set up your ceremony in the Wedding Barn on the day. We will keep it as to how you would have wanted it to be originally and will bring the outside in as much as possible… Except the rain of course
  • We have plenty of umbrellas on site for when you’re going in-between Barns
  • Our Wheatsheaf Barn has awning across it, so you can still see our adorable llamas, donkeys and alpacas make an appearance without getting wet
  • For larger day guest numbers, we can open our former Cookery School space for create more room for mingling
  • In the evening, we can set up the Indoor games for more entertainment, including Strongman, Splat the Rat, Beer Pong and more

Plus, if it does indeed rain, embrace the photographs you can take! Throw your wellies on! Bring out a brolly! Jump in some puddles! AND there may even be a rainbow!

We hope that has reassured you that we can bring you a relaxed, chilled and fun wedding whatever the weather; and whatever it may be, that you embrace it.

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21 May 2020