Where can we have photos taken?

Photos are one of the biggest parts of any wedding.

True – for a lot of the guests, it can mean A LOT of standing around. But it’s worth it, as a good photographer can bring back incredible memories for you and all your guests. Where to take the photos is also just as important as who is in them, and we have plenty of photo opportunities!

  • The vintage tractor
  • With our llamas, alpacas and donkeys
  • In front of our new flower wall
  • Trapped in the stocks
  • Getting a drink from our Bar O’Llama
  • Playing our outdoor and indoor games
  • On the front field against the Lancashire countryside
  • In our Llama Boudoir outdoor photobooth
  • The naughty corner
  • By our very own Wind Turbine

And that’s just scratching the surface on where to take photos…!

There are so many opportunities for photographs on your wedding day – and you can allow your photographer’s imagination run wild. We have had not just confetti but also sparklers, bubbles, drones AND smoke bombs to create some very memorable group shots.

If your photographer hasn’t been up to the Farm before and would like to come up and take a look for some inspiration, please let us know. Either email [email protected] or call 01204 852113

Alternatively, please take a look in our social media where you can find more hotshots and inspiration for some great snaps!

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29 May 2020