Who Spilt My Beer!?

Happy Beer Day! Didn’t know there was an entire day dedicated to this popular drink, did you?

Therefore, in honor of today, I’m going to talk about our selection of beers that we can offer at The Wellbeing Farm, that we regularly stock in for your wedding. Hopefully, whether you prefer lager, bitter or ale, there’s something for everyone.

With the refurbishment on our Wedding Barn Bar, we’ve been able to add more products on draught. To start with, we’ve been able to add not just 1, but 2 Becks pumps, as it is the most popular choice – we hope that with 2 pumps, you’ll be able to get served faster. Another popular lager choice, Stella, is also having an upgrade; while beforehand, we served you the 4%, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to swap that with the full 4.8% Stella Artois. On top of that, we’ve also added Stella Artois onto our Wheatsheaf Bar as well, along with Becks. If you prefer a bitter, then look no further than the classic Black Sheep!

But if you fancy a draught with a difference, look no further than Goose Island Midway IPA. I may have moved on from the bar to the office, but I can tell you that during the last few weeks pulling pints, with open days, a Wedding Feast Experience AND weddings, I don’t think I have ever served as many pints of a single product as quickly as I have with the goose. Personally, I think it’s the handle that persuades people, as it is VERY unique! The fact it actually tastes pretty good (to me, a non-beer drinker at least) is also a massive bonus…. (On a sidenote, we do also sometimes stock Goose Island in bottle form too)

From our friends across the Irish Sea (we love you guys!), we have our Guinness Surger. The product may come out of a can, but do not be fooled! Once poured and sat on the surger, the gas is released and it tastes just like a draught pint.

We always have just as big, if not bigger selection of beer in bottle form than we do on draught. For your classics, how about all American Budweiser (as well as its Light form), Mexican Corona served with lime, the Italian stallion Peroni, Spanish San Miguel, or Amsterdam’s best in Amstel?

Or for something a bit closer to home, look no further than Flat Cap – brewed at the Bank Top Brewery in Bolton, just 10 minutes drive from the Farm!

There’s one group I haven’t yet mentioned – and that’s the drivers. We’re not going to leave you out – I mean, you do one of the most noble jobs of all! So, we always make sure that we’ve got some Becks Blue in fridge waiting and ready to go.

Don’t see the one you want? Well, if you wanted a particular brand available in bottles, either for your welcome drinks or for bar stock, let us know! Corkage could apply of course, but we wouldn’t let that stop you having your favourite served to your guests on your big day!

4 Apr 2019