Who’s in the Toilet? : What we miss about physical Meetings

This may have been the most random title we have ever put on our blog; but it does serve a purpose…. Not in the way you’re likely thinking though…. Let’s face it, we all miss meetings – not virtual, but PHYSICAL meetings!

What we really want to get across is that no matter how good Zoom and Microsoft Teams are, they are no match for physically meeting each other in person. And with a roadmap, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve brainstormed a list of things we’ve missed about physical Business Events and Meetings at our Farm. Hopefully it will not be long now until we get to do all this again:

  • Camaraderie. Nothing is better than having a quick catch up with your colleagues over a cup of tea or coffee to ease you into the day’s events
  • Connection. Let’s face it, we’re all a bit Zoom-ed out at the moment, and we value getting to meet friends and colleagues a lot more because of the last year.
  • Laughter. Similarly, sharing a joke with real humans is something we’re not going to take for granted again. And body language is much easier to read in person than over Zoom
  • Snacks. Nothing beats an early morning bacon buttie when you arrive with fresh coffee, and don’t forget warm cookies provided during breaks…. This list is making me hungry!!
  • Ventilation. Being on a farm, we love fresh air so our every meeting room has tall ceilings.
  • Safety. We completely understand firms are looking for venues which have proven safety accreditations. Using Celia’s NHS experience into practise, it is something we have been taking very seriously; we have ensure social distancing measures are taken into precaution, bought a fogging machine and more. For our accomplishments, we have received the necessary quality standards from the Meetings Industry, as well as the seal of approval from the AA! Celia has even been volunteering at a Covid Centre to watch and observe how the professionals keep safe, and bring back principles to implement at the Farm.
  • Food. Let’s be honest, the best part of any Team Away Day is lunch; and we aim to be a venue that does better than the big-standard buffet. Our Chefs have created a menu that aims to stimulate your brain for the afternoon’s activities. Delegates get their own lunch that have always gone down a treat! Colourful, nutritious, and most importantly incredibly tasty!
  • Fun. Bored sat at your desk all day, whether that be in the home or office? We don’t blame you. A change of scenery is not only good for your work, but also can make the bog-standard meetings a bit more fun
  • Sustainability/corporate social responsibility. One of the things we have all come to appreciate this year is our environment. So we believe that picking a venue that takes its environmental impact seriously is very important. You can read more about we do on our dedicated Sustainability website here: Carbon Pledge | The Wellbeing Farm Corporate Area (wellbeingcorporate.co.uk)
  • Who’s in the toilets? You can have the safest procedures, but who else is in the communal toilets….?! Can anyone wander in from the street…? This is why picking a venue exclusive to your company is important…

Does all this make you miss going on Away Days as much as we miss hosting them?

If you’re planning the perfect in person, PHYSICAL meetings: whether that be a Team Building, Brainstorming, Away Day or Party to say thank you to your colleagues, we want to help.

You can find our brochure and contact details by clicking here: Corporate Event Venue | The Wellbeing Farm Corporate Area (wellbeingcorporate.co.uk)

29 Mar 2021