Why did we choose Llamas?

Our star attraction is without doubt our llamas! 

And why wouldn’t they be when THEY’RE JUST SO CUTE!!!! …. Sorry, lost myself for a second. But did you know why we chose llamas in the first place?


Rewind back quite a few years, after Celia’s son was born and she returned back to her job in the NHS, she burnt out due to stress. She then set out to try and learn as much as she could about the subject: reading every book there was on the topic: scouring the internet for the secrets in dealing with stress: she even did courses and received qualifications in stress management. 

It was in one of those courses that she was tasked in imagining a business that can help people become as stress-free as possible. 

This ended up become quite literal, as it was the first seed into transforming her partner’s run-down farm into The Wellbeing Farm as it is today. 

It also needed to incorporate the Five Ways to Wellbeing

  1. Connect
  2. Be Active
  3. Take Notice
  4. Keep Learning
  5. Give

It’s the 2nd one that is most important when it comes to the llamas. The Events Barn used to be stables, but Celia knew she didn’t want to keep horses. She eventually came across the concept of llama trekking as a way to reduce stress. 

Fast forward a little bit, the llamas were one of our first arrivals even before the building work, as Celia had to allow enough time for them to become accustomed to the local area. It was funny having them look out at the many trucks of building supplies going to and from the Farm. 

Our llamas had been trained for treks from birth, but to get them used to any situation the Lancashire moors throws at them, Celia had to walk them around Edgworth several times a week. One memory she says in her book that she will never forget is a tractor having to pull an emergency stop on Plantation Road. The farmer inside popped his head out of the window and said:

“I’ve been farming in these parts for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like that!”

Word spread fast. The rest is history. 

Our llamas, along with our other animals have been striking poses and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces ever since. 

You can find out more about the history of the Farm by purchasing Celia’s book

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8 Dec 2020