Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama?


You only get one chance at life so don’t waste it. Be brave and follow your passion – this book will show you how.

Celia (our Managing Director) is currently writing a book.

What is the book about?

Why put a bow tie on a Llama?

You only get one chance at life so don’t waste it.

Don’t put up with unhappy circumstances just to please others…

Be brave and seek to do something that you are passionate about and love.

‘There are two parts to changing your life: discovering your inspiration and making it happen. This book guides you through both.

Part One focuses on the inspirational stuff about making the leap in the first place – identifying your catalyst for change and overcoming the barriers to your thinking, planning your ideas and how to know if your ‘bonkers’ idea is a potential winner or a midlife crisis! Most importantly, how to deal with others not getting it…

Part two seeks to balance your flaming enthusiasm with practical planning and almost to act as a ‘how to make it happen’ guide to implementing your crazy idea.  This section also helps you identify the barriers and issues you may need to face and overcome to make it a reality and how to keep sane and your stress and health in control during the process.

Having overcome severe work-related stress, Celia Gaze set about changing her life and establishing a career that she loved. She transformed a neglected farm into an award-winning wedding venue and started a rollercoaster of a journey to survive. With lessons learned along the way, Celia relays her learning and passion into a handbook which you WILL want to keep on both your bedside table and your desk…

How can Celia write a book?

Celia used her passion and enthusiasm for wanting to make more out of her life, to transform a neglected hill farm into an award-winning events wedding and events venue – The Wellbeing Farm.

She worked in the NHS for 14 years in a senior managerial role but left the NHS due to frustration and work-related stress.  Experiencing work-related stress gave her the opportunity to question her life and the springboard to start her own business.

Her personal and business story backs up her promise of how crazy ideas can create bigger lives and business success. Fundamentally, how doing something as ridiculous as putting a bow tie on a Llama is the best thing you will ever do….

During her journey of creating The Wellbeing Farm, Celia not only shares her personal story of overcoming huge personal challenges but also practical stories and helpful advice about running a business. Covering areas such as acquiring sponsorship by two global companies, recovering from near bankruptcy to now having an abundance of income, and avoiding business takeovers.

Celia has a string of business qualifications including a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a degree in Hospitality Management.  She will be the first to admit that she’s addicted to personal development and has been on over 100 courses in her lifetime from art to wedding planning and everything in between… She’s even a qualified Florist, Wedding Planner and Stress Management Practitioner!

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