Why wellbeing is even more important after the outbreak

During lockdown, we have all had to take a big pause on many things on our life, and to focus on ourselves and our wellbeing: whether that be eating healthier, doing more exercise or interacting with nature more on daily walks.

It’s now important that the new normal doesn’t let up on looking after ourselves and our wellbeing; especially as nobody truly knows what this new normal is going to be like.

And no one knows exactly how long this will go on either, as it is likely to continue until we have a working vaccine.

Nowhere is this more important when we go back to work; a lot of staff will not have seen each other in person for months, and your team may be mentally tired.

To find out more how we can help improve your team’s wellbeing have a look at our website: https://northwestwellbeingcentre.co.uk/

29 Aug 2020