Why you shouldn’t rule out a January Wedding

January is a very weird month. It starts out with a blast on New Year’s, a time when people think about making a new start. And after last year, it’s no wonder all people wanted was to press the refresh button.

But as soon as New Year’s Day comes and goes, January is often left with a sense of dullness. It’s cold, it’s grey and nothing happens.

Often, it is the very last month in which couples would consider planning a wedding for. And we want to change the stigma around it.

So here are our 5 reasons why you perhaps shouldn’t completely rule January out when planning your wedding.
  1. I’m first going to address the elephant in the room. Yes January is known as “The Blue Month”, heck even having “Blue Monday”, known to be the most depressing day of the whole year. But that’s exactly why a wedding is perfect for this time of year – give us something to celebrate!!
  2. You CAN still do a celebration to accommodate for Vegan-uary AND Dry January. It’s an obstacle that couples face that they don’t want to feel guilty by putting on a celebration like a wedding when a lot of their guests are taking part in either of these challenges. But we like to adapt to challenges rather than have them over-come us, which is why we can offer both a vibrant Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package AND a Vegan Menu. Therefore you can be rest assured that those guests will get all the flavour, colour and extravagance, but without the booze or the animal products
  3. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, then January will be a good month to consider, as it will occur a far smaller cost to you then a wedding in the summer. You’re also a lot more likely to find your ideal suppliers available during this time than you would in peak wedding season
  4. Because not many people go for January, you can truly think outside of the box and do your wedding your way. It can be a unique wedding none of your guests have experience before
  5. And finally, yes January can be grey, wet and icy cold, but that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be. Make it cosy with blankets, comfort food, and hot drinks. Create a magical atmosphere with twinkling fairy-lights, and make it as colourful inside as you would like.

22 Jan 2021