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Knowledge Centre Recent Blog Posts

There is No “I” in Team, But We’re Sure Glad to Have “U” in our Volunteers

Today is Volunteer Recognition Day, and today we want to say a big fat THANK YOU to our volunteers who work at the Farm! One of them is Sue Holden, our Donkey-lady extraordinaire! You may meet her...

Help! Emergency!

'Ring Ring' HELP! I've got a wedding emergency! Happy Safety Pin Day! Err what, we hear you say? Yes, there truly is a day for anything and everything.So, in “celebration” of this, we want to tell...

Who Spilt My Beer!?

Happy Beer Day! Didn’t know there was an entire day dedicated to this popular drink, did you? Therefore, in honor of today, I’m going to talk about our selection of beers that we can offer at The...
spring wedding

It might as well be Spring!

Spring has officially arrived – we can hear the cries of “FINALLY” all the way up the moors, and it is little wonder: a season of new life, when the weather starts to get (slightly) better, it’s...
wedding fair

10 Reasons to Come to Our Quirky Wedding Fair

Are you looking for a wedding fair with a unique twist? Then why not come to our Quirky Wedding Fair on the 24th of March? We’ve got quirky credentials, having been recently listed on The Wedding...
st patricks day

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

It’s that time of year again when we all pretend to be Irish - dress up head to toe in green, dig out the face paint and get completely Sheep-faced! At The Wellbeing Farm, while Ireland may not be...
romantic wedding

Tips for an Incredible Romantic Wedding

Ok, this may sound a bit odd, as a wedding is possibly THE most romantic occasion you can think of, and you may think that that is enough in itself – which is 100% fine! However, you may want some...

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