Needing Accommodation?

The Wellbeing Farm is surrounded by over 350 rooms to stay in a 10-mile radius.

We were granted B Corp status due to our support within the local community. By not providing all our accommodation on site, we are supporting the local community – bringing guests to the local area. Those guests use the local accommodation, pubs, shops, taxis etc…

So we can accommodate all your wedding guests. If you use the local accommodation, you can leave your car at the farm overnight where it will be safe and secure.

Supporting Local Businesses

You all know that we at The Wellbeing Farm are a green and sustainable venue: it’s so important to us to run weddings and events that are friendly to the environment. You may now be thinking that I’m going to tell you how our accommodation is eco-friendly; and while we COULD, this is not what we want to say.

Because being sustainable has a secondary meaning, a human one at that: it’s to support the local community and businesses. This is where accommodation comes in.

Luxury Farmhouse

Our Farmhouse offers a luxury stay for 4 guests, but one of the questions we get asked often for both weddings and corporate events is whether we offer more rooms on site: we sadly do not due to the sustainable ethos of the business.

It may seem at first that we’re in the middle of nowhere with no places to stay for miles around, but in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth! We’re in fact surrounded by places to stay, many of which are local farms that have converted into B+Bs!

Accommodation near the Farm

Clough Head Farm can sleep up to 8 people – http://www.cloughheadfarm.co.uk/ 

Meadowcroft Farm can sleep up to 5 people – https://www.meadowcroftbarn.co.uk/ 

Chetham Hill Farm Retreat can sleep up to 7 people https://www.chethamfarmretreat.com/ 

Quarlton Fold Farm can sleep up to 10 people http://quarltonfoldfarm.co.uk/

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The Red Lion has 4 rooms that can sleep up to 13 people – http://www.redlionbury.co.uk/ 

Parkfold Farm can sleep up to 2 people in their Bed and Breakfast but can offer space for caravans and camping – http://parkfoldfarm.co.uk/caravansite.html http://parkfoldfarm.co.uk/bedandbreakfast.html 

The Strawberry Duck has 4 rooms that can sleep up to 8 people http://www.thestrawburyduck.co.uk/ 

Loe Lodge can sleep up to 6 people – https://www.loelodge.co.uk/ 

The Last Drop Village has over 100 rooms https://www.lastdropvillage.co.uk/ 

Best Western in Bury has 61 rooms – https://www.bestwestern.co.uk/hotels/best-western-old-mill-hotel-leisure-club-83941 

The Whitehall Hotel in Darwen has 15 rooms – http://www.whitehallhotel.uk.com/ 

Astley Bank Hotel in Darwen has 37 rooms http://www.astleybank.co.uk/ 

Village Hotel in Bury has 128 rooms https://www.village-hotels.co.uk/hotels/manchester-bury/ 

Cadshaw Country Views, in between Darwen and Egerton, BB3 2TX – https://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/cadshaw-country-views.en-gb.html