Who let the dogs out!

A question we get asked a lot is whether we’re pet-friendly, particularly pooch-friendly. The answer is a big fat YES!!!

Heck, we even held a dog wedding at the Farm last year for National Bring Your Dog To Work Day! We all love man’s best friend making an appearance at our weddings.

So, if you are making plans to make your dog part of your wedding (as long as they are on a lead), here are a few tips:

  • Think about whether or not your dog is coming down the aisle. If he/she is, will be with you, a Bridesmaid, family member, or run down adorably down the aisle to meet your partner at the other end?
  • With that in mind, do you want your pooch to act as a ring bearer?
  • Speak to your photographer about possible shots they can pull off with your dog: by the tractor is a firm favourite among our couples
  • Know that we have a water bowl and a few treats on standby!
  • For when your faithful friend has had enough running around, we can recommend dog sitters that will look after him/her while you enjoy the rest of your wedding

Hopefully, that will give you some ideas for all you dog-loving couples out there!

25 Feb 2020