Into The Woods … and Happy Ever After!

What’s the most romantic setting to get married? On a beach? In a church? On a hilltop? Well yes those are all pretty romantic, but how about a woodland wedding? Soon you can! Legally!

You see there’s a new law coming in that means that a place doesn’t need a premises marriage licence, which means you can get married pretty much anywhere. Even a McDonalds if you wanted to…!

While we may not have our own branch of Maccy D’s, we do have some woodland! Located at Baron’s Farm, only two minutes away from us. If you’ve always wanted to get married under a tree canopy covered in festoon lighting, this could be your chance. 

AND if having a woodland at Baron’s isn’t enough, how’s about:
  • Its own lake and stream
  • Abandoned tennis courts that have been taken over by nature
  • Our own mini amphitheatre…?! 

You cannot get more romantic than that! AND just THINK of the unique photo opportunities you can get! You and your photographer can truly let your imaginations run wild, just like with any good fairy-tale. 

You cannot get more rustic than a woodland wedding either– and rustic trends are set to continue on the up for 2021 and beyond! 

There are so many ideas that could be incorporated into a woodland ceremony: including a truly magical set up. Lots of flowers, fairy lights and wooden accessories to transform a few trees into Oberon and Titania’s fairy kingdom. 

Our woodland space may not be big enough to hold a large ceremony. But we say there would be nothing to stop you having a small legal ceremony with your nearest and dearest in the woodland, followed by a relaxed blessing in either our Wedding Barn or Wedding Pavilion. 

If you’re interested in using the woodland for your ceremony, why not book an appointment with one of our Sales Team by clicking here: https://thewellbeingfarm.youcanbook.me/ 

17 Nov 2020