Wedding Trends 2021 #6 – You Can Do It If You DIY It!

One of the biggest trends of the last few years is the DIY Wedding; that is NOT going to go away in 2021. 

We love a DIY wedding as it shows how creative the couple can get, whether it be using items from our Prop Shed or ones they brought from home. 

Here’s a few easy examples how to give a little homemade-touch to your wedding:

  • Re-use and Recycle the booze. Don’t throw away those pretty gin, rum or whiskey bottles! Use them for your centrepieces! Either fill them with flowers, put bottle-neck fairy lights in them, or use them as your table markers
  • You can also use old tin cans (take the paper off first), jam jars, or any other similar items to add a vintage look
  • Think outside the box for your table plan: if you want to create your own giant plaque, go for it! Or alternatively, we’ve had some with a twist: instead of a board on an easel, serve a shot of your favourite booze or a favour of some chocolate or sweets 
  • Design your own wedding invitations, whether handmade or via a programme such as Canva
  • Ask for help from family and friends – if you know someone who is an excellent cake baker or knows how to make things look pretty, or something else entirely, then enlist their help. That will also make your wedding more personal
  • Favours – whether you include them or not us up to you, but there are loads of options you can do for DIY favours, from mini Alice in Wonderland style shots, to messages in a bottle, or perhaps a quick bingo or quiz you can design and print off. An eye-spy like this is a great idea for any children coming
  • Want to make a memory area? We have our In Memory stand in our Prop Shed for your guests to pay tribute to your loved ones…
  • … Alternatively, there’s our vintage Washing Line, which can hold up as many photos as you want. All you need is your photos printed off old-school and some clothes pegs

Now you’re all set to go. But, here’s two more things to bear in mind:

  1. Don’t go overboard. This is so easy to do, but it will make your wedding look cluttered, and your budget could soar. Not what you want!
  2. Know what is best to leave to a professional. For example, while you can easily fill in a couple of DIY vases for your centrepieces, when it comes to something more complicated like your bouquet, it’s more advisable to get a professional’s help. 

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5 Jan 2021